Thursday, November 29, 2012

Granny square challenge week 9

I had some trouble again.
Tuesday I had no power due to some work 
that needed to be done to a power line.
And yesterday I couldn`t download the pictures I made
But today is another day
and I will succeed in placing this post.

This week the pattern is Granny spike stitch
It`s an easy one which looks great.
We are going to make the granny square from the first week
and in round three we will start with the spike stitch.
I made 7 rounds.

Good luck and have fun.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Granny square challenge week 8

This week we have one of my favorite patterns.
As you can see I made more rounds then the original pattern,
7 instead of 4.
I`m going to make 5 of these insead of 4
because I don`t want to make this pattern again.
I`ve made 3 of them and keep delaying making the fourth, haha.
No one will notice when the blanket is ready that there are 3 instead of 4,
I hope.

I made 1 ch between the 3 dc.
I just noticed I made a mistake,
"read the pattern completely Michelle!" 
I hope you are paying more attention.
The mistake is that I made dc int the corners
instead of treble crochet.

Good luck and have fun.

Dutch translation

dc = double crochet = stokje
tc = treble crochet = dubbel stokje
yo = yarn over = draad over haaknaald slaan.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ella`s tea party 3

A bit later then planned
pictures of the birthday of Ella.
It is so much fun to see
how much she enjoyed her birthday.
In the morning we prepared everything.
With some lovely products from Joy&Co and the Hema
we decorated everything.
I also made garlands of playing cards
for the Alice in Wonderland theme.
In between to school with a treat for her classmates.
As you can see Ella probably had the loudest Hurray.

After school the tea party.
With sausages and candy,
sandwiches and pop cakes
we had hardly any leftovers.
We watched the movie Alice in Wonderland
and after that it was crafting time.
Decorating the crowns and the heart where we would put the cake pops in.
But of course the cake pops needed decorating too.
I think the girls enjoyed the high tea and decorating the cake pops the most.
I was so busy helping the girls with their crafting
I didn`t have time to take pictures.
After bringing them all home safely
and cleaning up the mess
the mr. and me were tired but satisfied
everything went so well.

The granny square challenge has a delay.
I can`t download the pictures from my camera
to the computer aargh!
I hope I can post it thursday.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Warm, cozy socks

Monday I received this nice package.
In it 
socks knitted for me by Kristel from
I won a prize at the give away week
from Roos.
I`m very happy with them
they will keep my cold feet warm this winter.
Thank you Kristel and Roos.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Granny square challenge week 7

Yeah I,m able to post again
I`m slowly figuring out how everything works.
This week I made a combination of little squares.
The pattern of the little squares
you can find again at
I have started the square with a magic loop.
Join the squares together with double crochet (UK)/ single crochet (US).
If you don`t know how to do this look here.
I made a border with treble crochet (UK), double crochet (US),
in the corner: tc, ch, tc, ch, tc (UK) , dc, ch, dc, ch, dc (US).
Good luck and have fun.
Er zijn geen nieuwe termen
daarom laat ik de vertaling achterwege.
Als je het ziet duizelen met de UK en US termen,
in de hoeken maak je een stokje, losse, stokje, losse, stokje.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Computer troubles

I`m so sorry you didn`t hear from me
this week.
Windows 8 has been installed by the Mr.
and I`m lost.
I can`t get to my pictures or photoshop
and every time I wanted to post
the internet wasn`t working.
Which has nothing to do with windows 8
but is more troublesome than trying to figure out windows 8.
Why did they change so much
it seems like everything is different.
I`m not a big fan of changes on the computer.
But the Mr. is an It professional so it happens regularly
that new programs get installed or updated. 
It`s all a bit frustrating.
I hope that the Mr. will be able to get
everything working over the weekend.
And I can start where we
left off.
So no granny square this week.
I had made one that needs pictures
with the explanation.
Some of you are a bit behind
I hope you are able to catch up.
Hope to see you monday.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Ella`s tea party 2

Yesterday I had some fun making crowns
for Ella`s party.
I used foam to make the crowns
and you can find the template here.

After cutting the crowns
I decorated them with decoration tape.

Make a little hole on both sides,
I used a needle.
Put an elastic string through the hole and make a knot.

I wrote the names on nice paper (these are sticky notes)
and glued it on the crown.

At the party the girls can decorate their crown
with fake jewels.

In the Netherlands you can buy the foam and decoration tape at Action
and the fake jewels at Zeeman.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Little flower embroidery

For Ella`s birthday I bought a party dress
at Boden.
I think it`s a lovely, Alice in Wonderland like, dress without
being exactly like Alice.
And also a practical solution because I didn`t have time to make an Alice dress.
Luckily Ella loved the dress
so the dress was a time saver.
Because it`s a bit cold with short sleeves
I decided to embroider flowers 
on a cardigan she already has
to make it matching.

These flowers are simple but a wonderful addition to a cardigan.
I`m already looking for other cardigans
to beautify.
This is how it`s done.

Start with  a lazy daisy stitch.

Make a square,

fill up the open spaces.

Make a french knot in the middle.

Thread around the needle four times.

Done with your first flower
just a few more to go.

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