Thursday, June 27, 2013


Yesterday we had a party for my daughter Zoe.
A survival party.
First a laser game.
As you can see they had great fun
but they were also very serious about winning.

After something to drink and a snack
there were some ropes that needed attention.
And for most some wet feet to gain.

We went to team Biesbosch

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chemo 2 and some tips.

I`m so relieved to tell you 
that the side effects from the second chemo
are a lot less then the first time.
The new medication made me very sleepy 
so the first days I mainly slept.
Which is way better then
staring outside and feeling to miserable to sleep.

Although I`m very relieved
I still find it hard to have all this poison in my body,
but it is the best option I have right now.

After the second chemo I found 
there are a few things that made it easier for me.
So a few tips for the ones that read this and have to go through chemo soon.
Of course these are a few things that work for me
everybody is different and you have to find what works for you.

1. Every doctor and nurse will tell you,
take care you drink enough liquid.
About 2 ltr. (about 8 big glasses.)
It helps your body to get rid of the toxins in your body.

2. Before I get out of bed I eat some crackers.
This helps to prevent nausea
or prevents it from getting worse.

3. I eat more small meals.
the same effect as 2.

4. I try to continue with my exercises.
* these for my lymphatic system
( because of my mastectomy )
* a few yoga exercises
* 10 to 15 min. on the cross trainer
Don`t make it to strenuous.
I`m not able to do this every day
sometimes I`m to tired or sick.
But when I`m able to do it
I feel better and healthier.

5. Between my exercises (after the yoga exercise)
 I meditate for 10 min.
My mantra: let (inhale) go (exhale)

6. When I`m able I take a walk outside.
Clears the mind and I love the fresh air.
Most days I walk about 30 min.
but some it is just 5.

7. I try not to feel guilty
for the things I`m not able to do
or I think I should do.
Feeling guilty gives you a lousy feeling
and costs a lot of energy.
You need this energy to get better.

8. If you keep feeling very sick,
call your doctor or oncology nurse.
Changing or adding medication can make a big difference.

I hope these tips are useful to some of you.

The pictures are taken at Villa Augustus in Dordrecht.
It is a hotel/restaurant with it`s own vegetable garden.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Granny square challenge wk 26

I`m sorry I totally forgot to post
a granny square for the challenge.
I had planned it for Friday but
was busy packing for a weekend to the beach
and shaving my hair.
No not my legs but my head.
I was constantly loosing hair
so I decided it was time to go bald.
As you can see we had a lovely weekend
and even though there was a strong wind
and the water was freezing cold
the girls went swimming.
But enough chit chat
on to the granny square.

This weeks pattern comes from Spatula Graphics
Just scroll down and you will come across the pattern.

Round 4, I started with making a complete shell 
(so I made 2 ch, 6 dc in the same space).
Round 8 is the last round.
I didn`t understand the FPDC,
I made a dc on every stitch and in the corners:
2 dc, 2 ch, 2 dc.

Good luck and have fun.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Chemo 1

In this picture 
I was unaware what was about to hit me
in just two days.
The first day after the chemo wasn`t that bad
yes there was nausea but do-able.
But the next day I got terribly sick
there was nothing more that I could do
then lay still in my bed
everything else was to much.
Even with new medication I stayed sick
and recovery went very slowly.
Although it seemed I would never get better
I did of course
and I`m enjoying the nice weather at the moment.
When I was sick 
I thought this never again
I`m not going to continue with the chemo.
But of course there is a risk in not continuing
and they assured me there is more medication available
to suppress the side effects of the chemo.
So I decided to give it another go
but I`m scared to death
it will be the same again. 

The beautiful quilt aka lappity lap blanket of hugs
 is made by the dearies from dottie angel camp
I went to last year.
Thank you so much girls
I love love love it so much.

I also picked up my crochet hook again.
Thursday or Friday I will post a new pattern
for the granny square challenge

Op de foto boven aan had ik nog geen idee
wat voor effect de chemo zou hebben.
De eerste dag erna viel het me nog mee,
ja, ik was misselijk maar het was te doen.
Helaas bleef het niet zo
en ben ik erg ziek geworden.
Het enige wat ik kon was op mijn bed liggen
en naar buiten staren
al het andere was teveel.
Zelfs met nieuwe medicatie bleef ik erg ziek
en leek het alsof ik nooit beter zou worden.
Gelukkig voel ik me inmiddels beter
en geniet ik van het lekkere weer.
Maar toen ik zo ziek was
dacht ik dit nooit meer
ik stop met de chemo.
Maar ja daar zit natuurlijk een risico aan vast.
Met chemo stijgt de 10 jaars overlevings kans
met behoorlijk wat procenten.
Nu ik me weer beter voel kijk ik er toch weer anders naar
en met de verzekering van andere medicijnen
om de bijwerkingen beter te onderdrukken
waag ik me er weer aan.
Al ben ik wel heel erg bang voor de volgende kuur.

De quilt, ook wel lappity lap blanket of hugs genoemd,
 is gemaakt door de dearies van het dottie angel camp
waar ik vorig jaar ben geweest.
Dank jullie wel meiden
ik vind het een geweldige quilt.

Ik heb ook mijn haaknaald weer opgepakt.
Donderdag of vrijdag volgt er een nieuw patroon
voor de granny square challenge.

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