Bubbly crochet edging

Today as promised the edging of the lappity lap blanket.
I have given it the name bubbly edging.
It`s from a Japanese craft book;  Let`s play with color.
I bought it at an Etsy shop;

Be warned, I`ve spend many hours there
looking at al the lovely craft books
before I decided which books I would order.
The yarn is from Yvestown
and there is a sale until the 5th of july.
So hoppity hop to both shops for the book and the yarn.

1. 8 ch (chain)

1. 8 Losse

2. Go 3 stitches back and make a tr/dc (treble UK, double crochet US).
Don`t finish the tr/dc leave one loop on the hook, ( there are 2 loops on your hook).

2. Ga 3 steken terug en maak in de 3e steek een stokje.
Maak het stokje niet af maar laat 1 lus op de haak (je hebt nu 2 lussen op je haak).

3. Repeat until you have 4 loops on your hook.
(3 tr/dc total).

3. Herhaal tot je 4 lussen op je haak hebt.
(3 stokjes in totaal).

Pull the yarn through the 4 loops.

Haal het garen door de 4 lussen.

4. 4 ch, repeat from 2 but go back 4 stiches.

4. 4 losse, herhaal vanaf 2 maar ga nu 4 steken terug.

5. Make a bubbly ball by joining the two clusters together.

5. Maak een bolletje door de 2 delen samen te haken met een halve vaste.

6. 5 ch, close with a slip stitch. 

6. 5 Losse, sluit met een halve vaste.

Good luck and have fun.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I just love bubly edging, I buy them in the fabric store, but to make them your self is better..
    Love, Melanie

  2. This is so cute! Thank you so much for sharing your pattern! I have to try this too! xxxBarbina

  3. ah michelle you make it look so easy! maybe one day I'll achieve crochet at last.
    have a great summer!

  4. Hi Susan, it's a pity we live so far away from each other. Otherwise I could have helped you with learning how to crochet. I hope you find someone to help you. Have a great summer to.

  5. Dank u , dat is heel makkeluik beschreven
    blog in Hebreeuws met Nederlans en English vertaling

  6. dank je wel heel erg leuk

    liefs jenneke

  7. Hi,

    first of all, what a great edging! I just have one question (as a beginner in crochet); how did you make the first row, the one actually attached to the blanket? And how did you attach it to the blanket?

    Tnx for replay

  8. Hi, thanks for perfect tutorial. The pom-pom border is very nice. I have bordered by this pom-pom border the cushion for my sister. Have a nice day Anička

  9. i might have just missed it but how would you do the corners?

  10. Hi, thanks just what i needed to finish my granny square!


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