granny square challenge

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Granny square challenge assembling

A couple of weeks ago
 I started assembling my granny square blanket.
I am going in a very slow pace
so I am still working on it
but I am almost ready.
First lay your squares on the floor
to make a combination you like.
Make a stack of each row of squares,
guard with your life
so no one messes them up.

There are many ways to join,
look here for suggestions.
I joined the squares with double crochet (UK)/ single crochet (US).
We did this before in week 7,
look here for video instruction.
First I joined all the squares horizontal
then vertical.
Next step will be the border,
I hope I am able to speed up a little
so we can finish the blanket
and snuggle underneath it.

Granny square challenge week 28

I don`t know how about you
but I just want to finish my blanket.
Since I`m not able to concentrate on new patterns
(due to the lousy chemo)
I have decided to finish with the basic pattern
from week 1.
As you can see in one color with a white border
(less threads to work away ;-)).
I hope you forgive me for not giving you new patterns.
I now have 130 squares
enough for a blanket.
So next post will be about joining them together.
I am not sure when I will be able to write this post
because tomorrow I have my fifth chemo.
And I am not sure when I will feel up to it.
Last chemo I ended up in hospital with fever, 
I hope this chemo I will feel better.
I hope some of you are still joining me in this granny square challenge
and if you are behind you now have some time to catch up.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Granny square challenge wk 27

This week we are making a pattern from Bella Dia,
Off course we are making a square and not a blanket
but it is a quite pattern for a blanket
especially a baby blanket.

I made 20 ch, add 2 ch for turning (total of 22 ch)

I crocheted over the yarns ends,
look here for instructions.

And I made a border with sc in every stitch,
for the corners 1 ch.

Good luck and have fun.

I`m having my third chemo on Thursday
so it will be quiet on the blog
until I recover again.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Granny square challenge wk 26

I`m sorry I totally forgot to post
a granny square for the challenge.
I had planned it for Friday but
was busy packing for a weekend to the beach
and shaving my hair.
No not my legs but my head.
I was constantly loosing hair
so I decided it was time to go bald.
As you can see we had a lovely weekend
and even though there was a strong wind
and the water was freezing cold
the girls went swimming.
But enough chit chat
on to the granny square.

This weeks pattern comes from Spatula Graphics
Just scroll down and you will come across the pattern.

Round 4, I started with making a complete shell 
(so I made 2 ch, 6 dc in the same space).
Round 8 is the last round.
I didn`t understand the FPDC,
I made a dc on every stitch and in the corners:
2 dc, 2 ch, 2 dc.

Good luck and have fun.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Granny square challenge wk 25

Yeah, I was able to make 1 square.
Again a square from Sandra from Cherry Heart
she makes lovely patterns.
I`m planning to make a whole blanket
with this pattern.
Although it will probably take some time before I can start,
but never stop dreaming and planning :-).

This pattern is called clamshell,
it takes a little practice but once you get it it is easy.
I started with 26 chains the amount she made for her tutorial
and ended with a round of dc (sc) in every stitch
in the corners 1 ch.

Good luck and have fun.

I`m not sure if I will be able to post a pattern each week
we will go a bit slower probably
so we can finish this blanket together.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Granny Square Challenge wk 24

Yes! Done!
A little while ago I found lovely squares to make for Michelle's Challenge... and it was a big granny challenge to me! First I made the peachy potholder and gave it to Michelle on the day of her surgery , thinking it will be easy peasy to make the granny too. I almost loved the potholder so much I didn't want to make a granny and because at first I only had a pdf with the potholder tutorial it wasn't easy peasy too. Happily I found almost the same tutorial with a granny, yeah! But I wanted a different square than in the tutorial... so for the last week I made it over and over and over, mixed a little bit till I thought this will be a lovely square to be.
You can follow this pdf found on Ravelry or what I did instead like my photo:

Round 2:
Puffstiches instead of popcornstich (explained in the pdf too)
Round 5:
Attach new nice color, slip stitch in next space and make a puff stitch in the same space, chain 1, puff stitch in next space and chain 1 in every space from round 4 till the bottom of the heart, you make a extra puff stitch (and chain 1) on top corner stitch round 4, continue to the top and finish with a slip stitch in first puff stitch
Round 6:
Attach new nice color, slipstitch in next space from round 5 and make a dc(sc) in the same space, chain 3, in each space all around, close with slip stich.
Round 7: working pro space
3 htr(hdc) in first space
3 dc(sc) in next
2 htr(hdc) + 1 tr(dc)
2 dtr(tr) + chain 3 + 2 dtr(tr) this is a corner
3 tr(dc)
1 tr(dc) + 2 htr(hdc)
3 dc(sc)
3 dc(sc)
2 htr(hdc) + 1 tr(dc)
3 tr(dc)
2 dtr(tr) + 1 triple tr (3 times yarn over)
2 triple tr + chain 3 + 2 triple tr  = corner
1 triple tr + 2 dtr(tr)
2 tr(dc) + 1 htr(hdc)
3 dc(sc)

3 slipstiches on the bottom from the heart, crochet in the opposite order to the beginning, starting with 3 dc(sc) etc. etc.
Yeah! we're on the top again and 1 space is left open, fill it with 3 tr(dc) and slipstich in first of this round.
Round 8:
Almost done! attach new color and go round with all dc(sc) in every stitch from round 7 and in the corner spaces make 2 dc(sc), slip stitch on the end in the first....
Work all the treads and I hope you love your work!

Forgive my English is not that good, I usually write in Dutch but I love to do this!
I'm gonna make another potholder and maybe a little bag/purse, also from Ravelry by Carola Wijma
Join a charity project with making granny hearts, you can all read about on this link and download the tutorial for the potholder/bag/granny heart. 

Have fun!

xxx Monique

Granny square challenge week 23

This week we have the pattern
Sandra has made a very good description
with pictures so no notes.
Add 4 extra rounds after round 5
I made the extra rounds as in our first pattern (week 1).

picture Cherry Heart 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Granny square challenge week 22

First thank you all for your warm and supportive 
comments, mails etc.
It means a lot to me and helps accepting my situation.
Normal life also continues
our girls still go to school, have their play dates etc.
And that`s fine, I don`t want to let cancer take over my life completely.
So on this blog normal life also continues
and that means granny square challenge.

This week we have a pattern made by Melanie Stiles
called Springtime Square.
Here in the Netherlands spring seems far away
it is still very cold
maybe this pattern helps to get in the springtime spirit.

I had problems with the clusters,
I have tried them several times without success.
So I decided to make the clusters/bobbles
like we did in week 6 with granny bobble spiral.

Good luck, have fun and enjoy Easter.

Springtime Square 
Designed by Melanie Stiles
Copyright March. 1, 2002

Materials: Small amounts of worsted weight yarn in Color A (pink), color B (green), and Color C (white), Size G crochet hook.

Finished size - 7 inches

Beg. Cluster:; Ch 2, (yo and draw up a loop, yo and draw through 2 loops on hook) twice, yo and draw through all loops on hook.
Cluster: Insert hook into stitch indicated, (yo and draw up a loop, yo and draw through 2 loops on hook/ three times, yo and draw through all loops on hook.

Rnd 1:; With Color A, Ch 4, work 11 dc in fourth ch from hook.  Join in third ch of beg ch 4. - 12 dc.
Rnd 2:; Ch 3, dc in same st, 2 dc in next dc and in each remaining dc around., join in top of beg ch 3 - 24 dc.
Rnd 3:Ch 1, sc in same st as joining, ch 5, * sk 2 dc, sc in next dc, ch 5; rep from * around, join in beg. Sc. - 8 ch-5 sps.
Rnd 4Sl st into first ch-5 sp, ch 1, * in each ch-5 sp work,  (sc, hdc, 5 dc, hdc, sc) join with sl st in beg ch-1.  Finish off color A.
Rnd 5: Join Color B with sl st in 3rd dc of any petal, work (beg cluster, ch 3 cluster) in same sp, ch 3, trc ub so between petals, ch 3, * in 3rd dc of next petal work (cluster, ch 3, cluster) ch 3, trc in sp between petals, ch 3; rep from * around , join in top of beg. Cluster. Finish off Color B.
Rnd 6: Join Color C with sl st in any ch-3 sp betweeen clusters of Rnd 5.,  Ch 4, in same sp work (2 trc, ch 2, 3 trc),work 3 dc in next ch-3 sp, work 3 hdc in next ch-3 sp, work 3 sc in next ch-3 sp, work 3 hdc in next ch-3 sp, work 3 dc in next ch-3 sp, * in next ch-3 sp work (3 trc, ch 2, 3 trc), work 3 dc in next ch-3 sp, work 3 hdc in next ch-3 sp, work 3 sc in next ch-3 sp, work 3 hdc in next ch-3 sp, work 3 dc in next ch-3 sp; rep from * twice more, join with sl st in top of beg ch-4.
Rnd 7:Ch 3, * dc in each st across to next ch-2 corner sp, in corner sp work (3 dc, ch 2 3 dc); rep from * 3 times more, dc in each st to beg ch 3, join with sl st in top of beg ch-3..  Finish off and weave in all end


Granny square challenge week 21

So I laid out almost (except 3) all my squares.
Already pretty impressive uh.
It looks like a blanket but don`t let it fool you
we still need to make some squares.
But it got me thinking about the size.
This blanket will be used on the couch
and the original size of  1.44 by 1.80 m (about 57  by 71 inches)
is to big.
So I decided I`m going to make it the size of my lappity lap blanket
which is 1.20 by 1.50 m (about 47 by 59 inches)
I need 130 squares and my squares are 12 by 12  cm (5 by 5 inches).
This means we will be ready before summer.
On a cold summer night we can get our blanket
and keep warm while sitting outside.
When you live in a part of the world where winter 
is coming even better.
Sitting on the couch with some hot tea
with your new blanket and a brand new crochet project.
If you want a bigger blanket 
you can always make more squares.
And if your squares are bigger then mine your blanket will be bigger off course.

But back to granny square business
we have 11 weeks to go.
So above the new pattern.
It`s called Rainbow outlines granny square by Amy Solovay.
I adapted it a little because it took me to long
to finish it.
I  can be very impatient :-).
Follow the pattern until round 11.
Round 12, keep on working in the back loops of the stitches,
 dc in every stitch, in the corners 1 dc, 1 ch, 1dc, 1ch, 1 dc.
Round 13 change color repeat round 12.

Good luck and have fun.


Granny Square challenge week 20

Again, oeps.
I totally forgot to write a post yesterday,
again sorry.
I was absorbed by insurance and mortgage stuff
which is boring and drains all your energy.
When I went to bed I remembered
it is Thursday
granny square challenge day!

Here this weeks pattern.
First make this flower from Rose Hip.
After round 7, your flower is ready now.
Change color, for round 8 repeat round 6.
Round 9, sc in loop, 3 ch, 2 dc, 2 ch, 3 dc,  into same loop, 1ch
this is your corner.
*3 dc, 1 ch in next loop, 3dc, 2 ch, 3 dc in next loop*,
repeat between ** 2 times.
Close with a ss.
Round 10, 11, 12, repeat this pattern.
off course your dc clusters multiply.
Round 13 change color and repeat pattern again.

Good luck and have fun.


Granny square challenge week 19

I totally forgot to make a new square.
The girls have a school vacation
and the days seem to fly by.
So suddenly it was Thursday and no square, sorry.
Since I don`t want us to fall behind on schedule
I have a easy solution.
Look through all the squares you already made
and pick your favorite.
Make 4 squares of this pattern again.
Next week a new pattern, I promise.


Granny square challenge week 18

Doesn`t it feel like spring
looking at these pictures?
I`m longing for warmer weather,
flowers, sunshine.
Spring is around the corner,
just a little more patients.

This week I made a variation of the pattern from last week.
The round of sc are now in round 5 instead of 7.

Round 5, change color, 1 ch, 1 sc in every stitch,
 in the corners: skip 1 stitch, 2 sc, 2 ch, 2 sc, skip 1 stitch.
I skip 1 stitch so the square stays a square and doesn`t become pointy.
( I hope you understand what I mean).
Round 7, dc instead of sc in every stitch, 
corners: 2 dc, 2 ch, 2 dc.

Good luck and have fun.

Next week I`m going to try to make a granny with these flowers.


Granny square challenge week 17

This weeks pattern is easy peasy and quick.
It is from Hooked on Needles
In the link I gave you there is a video
if you want the written pattern

I made 6 rounds and ended with a round 7 in sc.
In each corner in round 1 to 6, 2 sc instead of 1
and in round 7, 1 sc in the corners.

Good luck and have fun.


Granny square challenge week 16

This week I adapted a pattern for a blanket
into a square.
I would love to make a blanket with this pattern
but one blanket at a time is more than enough to handle,
at least for me.
I`m always amazed when people produce one blanket after another
in just a couple of months.
There must be a secret no one tells us.
Ah well we`re just going to stick to our four square`s a week.
Back to granny bussines.

I started with 29 chain.
Follow the pattern here in English
and here in Dutch.
If the written English pattern isn`t clear for you
look at the dutch pattern 
she has made pictures that can help you.
After 5 rows of hearts I ended with a row 3 of the pattern,
so it would fit the other squares I made.
Don`t finish off, weave in all the threads,
add a round of sc.
I`m a little bit in love with these hearts
so we are going to make eight of them.
You will have two weeks to make them.
For those who finish early
I will try to find an easy little crochet project
for next week.

Good luck and have fun.


Granny square challenge week 15 and a give away

This week I`ve written the directions myself 
but the original pattern is from the book 

Decentral granny square
4 ch, join with a sl st
Round 1: 2ch counts as one dc, 2 dc, 2 ch. *3 dc, 2 ch* repeat 3 times. Fasten off.
We continue until round 9 at 2 sides of the square.
Round 2: join the new color in a 2 ch space. 2 ch, counts as one dc, 2 dc, 1 ch. 3 dc, 2 ch, 3 dc in the same 2 ch space (corner), 1 ch. 3 dc in next 2 ch space.
Round 3: at the wrong side (ws), 3 ch, 3 dc in first 1 ch space, 1 ch. 3 dc, 2 ch, 3 dc in the same 2 ch space (corner), 1 ch. 3 dc in next 2 ch space, 1 ch. 1 dc in 2 ch (the one that counts as a dc) from previous row.
Round 4: 2 ch continue as in round 2. Fasten off.
Round 5 – 9: join the new color. Repeat the pattern from round 2 and 3, off course with every round more 3 dc clusters. Start at round 3 then 2 etc. Fasten off.
Round 10: join the new color. 2 ch, counts as 1 dc, 2 dc, ch 1.* 3 dc, 1 ch* repeat 4 times. 3 dc, 2 ch, 3 dc in the same 2 ch space (corner), 1 ch#. From * to # repeat 3 times. The third time you only have to make a half corner, end with 2 ch and sl st into 2 ch.
Round 11: sl st to the first 1 ch space and start with a 3 dc cluster. Repeat the pattern from round 10. Fasten off.

I hope everything is clear. If I made a mistake please let me know.

I found the pattern in the Dutch version of the book
By accindent I bought 2, 
so many craftbooks I forgot I already had one.
If you would like to receive this book
leave a comment below
or on facebook.
I would appreciate it if you liked my facebook page.
At the beginning of next week 
I will let you know who is the lucky one.
Only for the Dutch readers, sorry
but the book is in Dutch.
 Good luck and have fun.


Granny square challenge week 14

A flower pattern this week.
It is from Rose Hip and is simply called flower square.
I made it pretty in pink and yellow,
hope you all find some nice colors for them too.

I made 10 rounds instead of 6.
The pattern was pretty clear for me,
allthough read the parth in the end about the stem.
But no further notes.

Good luck and have fun.


Granny square challenge week 13

I hope you were able to catch up
but more important you had some wonderful Holidays.
And if you didn`t catch up
no worries just hang in there
and you will have a blanket in the end.
One of the participants suggested this weeks square.

from little woollie
"I also varied where I put the increases in my circles when I found it was getting too hexie shaped, as long as you keep the right number of sc in between increase stitches, you can put them anywhere."

I made 12 rounds with sc, just repeat round 11.
Round 13: 3 sc, on every sc a dc, in the corners 4 dc in one stitch.
Round 14: repeat round 13 in white.

Dutch translation.

Ik denk dat de afkortingen inmiddels wel duidelijk zijn
en ik zal ze daarom niet meer hieronder plaatsen.
Mocht jullie dat toch wel prettig vinden laat het me weten
dan zet ik ze er weer onder.
Hou in de gaten of het patroon in Britse of Amerikaanse termen is.
Onderstaand schema is van Charami.

Vaste (v)Double Crochet (dc)Single Crochet (sc)
Half stokje (h.stk)Half Treble Crochet (htr)Half Double Crochet (hdc)
Stokje (st)Treble Crochet (tr)Double Crochet (dc)
Dubbel Stokje (d.stk)Double Treble Crochet (dtr)Treble Crochet (tr)
Driedubbel Stokje (3d.stk)Triple Treble Crochet (trtr)Double Treble Crochet (dtr)
soepelheid en dichtheid waarmee gebreid wordt
garen over haak = Omslagyarn over hook (yoh)yarn over (yo)


Granny square challenge week 12

Here is the result of my granny owl square.
They are so cute.
The pattern is pretty clear 
so I have no notes.
I made 5 rounds for the square instead of 3.
 For the eyes I used beads
because I don`t have 8 pairs of black buttons.
I think this looks very nice too.
Don`t forget to make eight of these babies.

Good luck and have fun

Dutch translation

sc = single crochet = vaste
dc = double crochet = stokje
hdc = half double crochet = half stokje
tc = treble crochet = dubble stokje


Granny square challenge week 11

picture Vicki Brown

This is the granny square I was working on
but didn`t turn out very well.
It looks nice in the picture
and I don`t know what is going wrong.
But ala I`ve put it aside
and this is what I am working on now.

I think they are very cute.
But they are not finished yet.
So no picture of my version
no NOTE`s.
For the ones who are ready to start a new pattern
and can`t wait to begin.
The pattern is called owl granny square
and it comes from Repeat Crafter Me.
If you are behind
you can try to catch up.
I must admit I`m a little behind too
when we have our Christmas break
I also have some catching up to do.
We are going to make eight owls 
instead of four.
Next week my own pictures and note`s
if neccesary.


Granny square challenge week 10

Yeah we are into the 2 figures
week 10 has arrived.
This week you can find the pattern on Ravelry.
It`s Flower Grannysquare from Silja Devine.

In row 2, after the ch3 and 1 dc, first ch 3 before you make the 2dc.
Everything between * * you repeat all around.
I decrease by taking up the first loop of two stitches, crochet them together.
In row 5 you make (1tr, ch 3, 1 tr) in the same stitch.
After making row 8 I continued with the same pattern as in row 7 and 8
but then dc instead of sc.
(Don`t forget the 3 dc in the same stitch in the corners)
Row 9 pink, row 10 white.

Good luck and have fun

Dutch translation

ch = chain = losse
sl st = slip stitch = halve vaste
sc = single crochet = vaste
dc = double crochet = stokje
tr = treble crochet = dubbel stokje
dec = decrease  = minderen


Granny square challenge week 9

I had some trouble again.
Tuesday I had no power due to some work 
that needed to be done to a power line.
And yesterday I couldn`t download the pictures I made
But today is another day
and I will succeed in placing this post.

This week the pattern is Granny spike stitch
from Bunny Mummy.
It`s an easy one which looks great.
We are going to make the granny square from the first week
and in round three we will start with the spike stitch.
I made 7 rounds.

Good luck and have fun.


Granny square challenge week 8

This week we have one of my favorite patterns.
As you can see I made more rounds then the original pattern,
7 instead of 4.
I`m going to make 5 of these insead of 4
because I don`t want to make this pattern again.
I`ve made 3 of them and keep delaying making the fourth, haha.
No one will notice when the blanket is ready that there are 3 instead of 4,
I hope.

I made 1 ch between the 3 dc.
I just noticed I made a mistake,
"read the pattern completely Michelle!" 
I hope you are paying more attention.
The mistake is that I made dc int the corners
instead of treble crochet.

Good luck and have fun.

Dutch translation

dc = double crochet = stokje
tc = treble crochet = dubbel stokje
yo = yarn over = draad over haaknaald slaan.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Granny square challenge week 7

Yeah I,m able to post again
I`m slowly figuring out how everything works.

This week I made a combination of little squares.
The pattern of the little squares
you can find again at

I have started the square with a magic loop.
Join the squares together with double crochet (UK)/ single crochet (US).
If you don`t know how to do this look here.
I made a border with treble crochet (UK), double crochet (US),
in the corner: tc, ch, tc, ch, tc (UK) , dc, ch, dc, ch, dc (US).

Good luck and have fun.

Er zijn geen nieuwe termen
daarom laat ik de vertaling achterwege.
Als je het ziet duizelen met de UK en US termen,
in de hoeken maak je een stokje, losse, stokje, losse, stokje.


Granny square challenge week 6

How are you all doing with your squares,
still keeping up?
It`s nice to see the amount of squares growing
and to know I will finish this blanket
because I promised you all to keep this up 
for a year.

This week we are making Granny Bobble Spiral
While reading how to make the bobble
I had no idea what to do.
Luckily after looking at the pictures 
it became clear to me what she meant.

Because I wanted the last round to be off white
I made some adaptions.
When you have 22 bobbles of each color
end the yellow, pink and petrol 
with a slip stitch in the next bobble
(don`t forget to make the 3 ch).
Compare with your other squares if this one is about the same size.
If not make less or more bobbles.
Continue to make a round with off white
When your in the petrol corner 
finish as described in the pattern.

As you can see it won`t become a perfect square.
When we will join the squares to make the blanket
they will be forced :-) to become squares.
Here a video how to make a magic loop.

Good luck and have fun.

Dutch translation
ch = chain = losse
dc = double crochet  = stokje
drop hook from loop = haal de haaknaald uit de lus
pull up loop = maak de lus groot 
hdc = half double crochet = half stokje
sc = single crochet = half stokje


Granny square challenge

This week we will make the African Somalia flower.
I found it on  the Wise Craft blog
but the design is from Kathy from Just Crafty Enough.
Watch the video on you tube it is useful.


I didn`t make the magic loop at the beginning
 I made ch. 5 into a ring,
round one then goes into the ring.
I followed the pattern till round 5.
Round 6: 3 ch, 1 dc in every stitch, in the corners 3 dc, 2 ch, 3 dc
all the way around, end with sl st in 3rd ch.
Round 7: same as 6 end off.

Good luck and have fun

Dutch translation

sc = single crochet = vaste
dc = double crochet = stokje
sl st = slip stitch = halve vaste
sk 1 st = skip 1 stitch = sla 1 steek over
hdc = half double crochet = half stokje


Granny square challenge week 4

This week again a flower
but very different from the one before.
It`s called a flower garden granny square 
and comes from the blog Harujion design.

There is also a chart with symbols in Japanese manner.
If you are used to a written pattern
this is totally different
but once you get used to it
I find it sometimes easier than a written pattern.
Here you can find what the symbols mean.
The dutchies can look here.
There is also a written pattern so no worries.

I`m sorry the pictures aren`t the best
as you can see the weather is getting darker over here.

Remember when you start with the square part 
I made 1 ch between the 3 dc at the sides
and in the corner 2 ch between the 3 dc.
I will do this with every square to try to make all the squares the same size. 
I made 8 rounds instead of six.

Good luck and have fun.

Dutch translation

ch = chain = losse
ss = slip stitch = halve vaste
sc = single crochet = vaste
tr = treble crochet = dubbel stokje
dc = double crochet = stokje


Granny square challenge week 3

I`m feeling a lot better but I`m afraid it will take some while 
before I`m my old self again.
I`m going to take it easy,
this time for real, haha.
I always rush into things after being sick.
Thank you so much for the get well wishes.

I didn`t want to leave you alone for to long
so here is the next pattern for 
the granny square challenge.
This week a pattern called
Sweet baby flowers granny
from Laura Bosshart.
You can find it on Ravelry or go straight to her blog.

When you start with the square part I made 1 ch between the 3 dc at the sides
and in the corner 2 ch between the 3 dc.
I will do this with every square to try to make all the squares the same size.
They may differ a bit in size but not to much.
I made 9 rounds instead of 8.

Good luck and have fun.

Dutch translation.

ch = chain = losse
st(s) = stitch(es) = steken
sl st = slip stitch = halve vaste
dc = double crochet = stokje
tr= triple crochet = dubbel stokje
sp = space = ruimte/gat


Granny square challenge week 2

So we`re off and our first four squares are ready.
Time for the next four.

We will make the grandma all squares
a pattern from the wonderful Michelle
She has a very nice blog about crochet
and some great tutorials.
This time a circle within the square.

The tutorial is very clear with pictures.
I learned a new way to start a new color 
and work your way to the next space.
( I used to attach my new color in the closing slip stitch
and turn my square then continue on the wrong side).
Also new to me was to work over to secure 
I found some tutorials on how it works.
Herehere and here .
I applied it by these squares
but as mentioned before it`s not as secure 
as weaving in your ends.
So I`m not sure if I`m going to use it 
on squares again.
It`s probably better for crocheting stripes.

I made 4 rounds for the circle instead of four,
3 rounds for the square part instead of two.
To make the squares the same size as the ones from last week. 
I made 2 chains instead of 3 in the corners.

Good luck and have fun.

Dutch translation:

ch = chain =  losse
sl st =  slip stitch = halve vaste
tr = treble = stokje
work over to secure = haak over de draden om af te hechten
ws = wrong side = verkeerde kant
dc= double crochet = vaste
Er is hier met Britse termen gewerkt vandaar dat de vertaling afwijkt
 van de vorige squares, deze waren in Amerikaanse termen.


Granny square challenge week 1a

As I already mentioned friday
I have postponed the next pattern
for a week.
I hope everyone has their yarn 
by now and is able to start with the first

Above a peak at the pattern
for next week.
We are going to make a circle
in the square.

When you have finished
the first four squares, weave in your ends.
If you wait until you have finished all 180 squares
you probably never finish your blanket :-).

Next week I will show you how to
work over your ends.
Which is easier and quicker then to weave the ends
but not as secure.

Good luck and have fun.


Granny square challenge update

Because some of you are waiting for their yarn,
we will take a week extra
for the first square.
This way we all can start together.
I recommend you choose a color 
with which you always end your squares.
 It gives the blanket unity.
A you can see I chose off white.

I`m so excited about this challenge
hope you are too.
Fall has started here,
so it`s nice weather to curl up on your couch
and start with the squares.
I`m going to search for a new pattern for week 2 
and give it a go,

Have a nice crafty weekend.

Voor de Dutchies,
ik heb een fout gemaakt bij het vertalen afgelopen dinsdag.
Ch = chain - een losse ipv. een vaste.


Granny square challenge week 1

Today we will start our granny square challenge.
I hope you have your hooks and yarn ready.
As you can see I`m working ahead
to see if the pattern works
and if necessary give you some pointers.

I`ve planned to make a blanket 
with a size of 1.44 m by 1.80 m (about 57 inches by 71 inches)
One square is 12 by 12 cm (a bit less then 5 by 5 inches).

We will make a total of 180 squares in 45 weeks.
(a 2 week break at Christmas and a six week break in the summer).
I use a hook size 3 mm
if your yarn needs another size hook
the size of the square will change.
Calculate if you need more or less squares.
You don`t need to make the same size blanket of course
if 4 squares a week is to much just make a smaller blanket.

As you can see I changed my color scheme.
I hope I will keep liking these colors for a year,
but at the moment I`m smitten.
Again a link to the Yvestown shop.
I borrowed her yarn pictures
and yippie she has a sale.
That brings me to my next point.
How much yarn I`m going to need.
I`m sorry but I don`t have a clue.
On attic24 she ordered 30 balls of yarn
for a blanket that`s 1500 grams.
It`s a good start point
but if you order or buy in a shop. 
Make sure they keep the colors in stock
so you can order again if you don`t have enough.

Let`s start.
Our first pattern is a classic granny square.
You can find the pattern on Ravelry
a great source for patterns.
If your not a member yet 
you need to become a member to access the pattern.
The pattern is 
Traditional Granny Square by Donna Higgins.
I can`t make a link because you need to log in first.
After logging in go to patterns
search for Traditional Granny Square Donna Higgins
place it in your library.
You can find your library again
in "my notebook".
You can find me at Ravelry 
if you search for the heartfelt company.

If you don`t understand the pattern when you read it.
(Many times I really don`t get it by just reading.)
Just start and try to understand it as you go.
This works for me.

Does anyone know where the abbreviation BO stands for?
After a round I attach my new color after the slip stitch 
and turn the square then continue on the other side.
As you can see I made 7 rounds instead of 5.

If you have any questions please let me know in the comments
I will answer by replying your comment.


This part is in Dutch about  translation for the hook terms used
in the patterns.
De patronen die ik gebruik zijn allemaal in het Engels,
het schrikt sommige misschien af
maar het is zeker de moeite waard
om aan de hand van een vertaalschema
met Engelse patronen te werken.
Er zijn zoveel meer patronen die je dan kan maken
en na wat oefening is het heel goed te doen.
Vertaalschema`s vindt je bij
(vanuit het forum,uitgebreid dus soms is het zoeken).
Ook bij Charami 
(deze is korter en daardoor overzichtelijker,ook andere talen).

Om jullie op weg te helpen hierbij een vertaling 
van de gebruikte termen bij dit patroon.
ch = chain = vaste  sorry, dit moet natuurlijk een losse zijn
sl. st. =  slip stitch = halve vaste
dc = double crochet = stokje
sp = space = ruimte/gat.
Voor de overgang bij een nieuwe kleur kijk bij pointers.


Granny square challenge

For some time now 
I want to make
a granny square blanket.
Started many times
but I get bored making the same pattern over and over.
Or other projects get in the way.
If this sounds familiar to you
then join me in the 
granny square challenge.
Every week I will post a link to a new pattern
and we will make four squares.
If we keep this up for a year
we will have enough to make a blanket.
I know it sounds like a long time.
But with a new pattern every week
we won`t get bored
and have time for other projects.

So get those yarns out of your closet
or buy some fabby new yarn
I will start next week,
hope you will join me.
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