Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Egg cosy to crochet from Club Geluk

Today a pattern for egg cosy`s from Club Geluk.
Marieke the owner from Club Geluk 
was kind enough to let me translate the pattern.
I met Marieke at a fair a couple off years ago. 
The pillows I bought back then are still on the bed off my daughter.  
Since then we see each other every now and then on fairs and markets.
It is always a pleasure to catch up with Marieke
and to see which new products she has.
There is always something new and fun to discover
Club Geluk is off course Dutch,
so maybe you are wondering what it means.
I would translate it to the Joy Club.
The slogan is: products for a happy household.
To give you an idea off the products 
some pictures.


Marieke in her kitchen.
(all pictures Club Geluk)

Look also in her shop for some more DIY tips,
for instance cute paper napkin rings and paper dolls to print.
Choose the Dutch (Nederlands) language to find these.
You can choose the language on top left side.

And here is the pattern for the egg cosy`s

Egg cosy.

ch = chain

sl st = slip stitch
dc = double crochet (UK), single crochet (US)

5 ch, close with a sl st, 10 dc into the ring.
Continue your rows with dc, insert hook under back loop only (bl)
Row 1, 1 dc, increase in every second dc.
Row 2, 15 dc.
Row 3, 1 dc, increase in every third dc.
Row 4, 20 dc.
Repeat the patter:  increase 5 dc in every second row until you have 40 dc.
Continue with 5 rows (without increasing).
If you use different colours close every row with a slip stitch.

Add picot edging at the bottom and if you want to also higher.
You work  a single picot by working 3,4 or 5 chains (depending what size bump you want), then sl st into the first ch and sl st in next stitch along edge.

Make a loop at the top with 10 ch and maybe a flower.

4 ch, close with a sl st, 10 dc into the ring.
Add  little picots around the ring.
Make two strings, each 30 ch.
 Vandaag een link naar een patroontje om eierwarmers te haken.
Het patroontje staat bij Club Geluk op de site.
Ik heb Marieke de eigenaar van Club Geluk een aantal jaar geleden 
op Flavourites live ontmoet. 
De kussens die ik toen gekocht heb staan nog steeds op mijn dochters bed te pronken
Sindsdien zien we elkaar op markten en beurzen.
Het is altijd leuk om bij te praten met Marieke
en te zien wat voor nieuws ze weer bij haar heeft.
Want er is altijd wel wat leuks te ontdekken bij Club Geluk.
Kijk ook voor meer leuke tips in haar winkel.
Bv. naar de papieren servet ringen en papieren poppen om te printen.

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