Friday, June 29, 2012

Heartfelt list 2

Every week a list of 5 things
that touched my heart.

(samen means together)

Last weekend we celebrated
my parents
fiftieth wedding day.
Fifty years together that touches my heart.

We celebrated with the family
in Limburg
(the south of the Netherlands)
A part of the Netherlands where there are many catholic people.
So there are also many religious statues.
The expression from this statue
touched me.

We stayed at a farm de Vrijheerlijkheid
where we had a lovely stay.
The pictures are from the tea garden.
All the nice decorating made us feel at home.

At Dottie Angel camp 2012 Heidi suggested a doilie swap.
When I received all the goodies 
it felt like Christmas.
I`m going to cherish every item
and they will bring fond memories to my projects.

picture by cloth and thread

Isn`t this a beauty.
No need to explain why this lovely creature
touches my heart.

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