Friday, June 8, 2012

heartfelt vegan

Recently I read an interview with Victoria Moran
(during the e-course creative courage).
I had stumbled upon some vegans lately
and I
always try to find ways to feel healthier.
A little voice said
you want to know more about this.
seemed good to find out more.
And it did, clear, straight forward,
facts (not to much)
and something you can do in your daily live.
I was mainly focused on my own health while reading
but I found that the animals 
in the dairy industry
also don`t have a good live
and certainly not a good death.
After seeing the movie Earthlings
it was pretty clear to me that I don`t
want to eat or use animal products anymore.
I will keep using the leather belts and shoes I already have,
but I really find it hard not to buy some new spiffy clogs, snif.
A small sacrifice though.
But if anyone knows where I can buy vegan clogs
you would make me so happy.
(No this is not food for the flowers.)
Because I want to be a healthy vegan,
a juicer has been bought
for some tasty juice.
Pineapple, spinach and lime.
I never liked vegetable juice
but with the pineapple and lime
it wasn`t bad even tasty.

Movie`s I watched last weekend
and some off them made a lasting impression.

There is so much more I could tell you
but if you are interested
you can do your own research
so you can make your own choice.
Once in a while I will keep you up to date 
about my adventure in the vegan world.

P.S. voor mijn Nederlandse lezers.
Ik heb besloten alleen nog in het Engels te schrijven.
Om in beiden talen te schrijven neemt
veel tijd in beslag
en dat houdt me soms tegen om 
een post te schrijven.
De tutorials blijf ik nog wel in Nederlands en Engels schrijven.

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