Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How to make hair rubber with ribbons

This is probably the easiest tutorial ever.
You just need a hair rubber,
and if you want 
a little flower to sew on the knot.

Select about 5 different ribbons. 
Cut them 45 cm. which is a bit less then 18 inches.
You can make them shorter or longer,
different lengths,
just as you want them.
It`s a great way to use those leftover pieces
you have been saving
and don`t know what to do with.

Tie the ribbons firmly around the hair rubber.
You can leave it like this
or sew the flower on the knot.

This is as easy peasy as it can get.

Endless possibilities.

Have fun.


  1. Ahh! Such a sweet idea! Lil C will love wearing those!

    1. I`m sure they will look great on Lil C together with those cute dresses you make.


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