Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I`m back

I`m back,
I had some lovely relaxed weeks.

As you can see 
some lovely kittens have been born.
They are a joy 
to watch grow up.
They are already 5 weeks
and exploring our house.

After a bad start 
the weather luckily changed for the better.
So when friends celebrated their fifteenth wedding anniversary
we had a lovely and delicious
high tea outside in the garden.
Although these things can be tricky
when you are vegan.
I was asked to help with the baking,
so I made some vegan cakes.
Everybody liked the
lower-fat deep chocolate bundt cake
from the cookbook Veganomicon.

These last weeks I cleared my mind, my house
and I`m ready and eager to start again.
Allthough I haven`t prepared any 
I have more than enough ideas,
which I hope to post soon.


  1. Welkom terug... en wat een ontzettend lieve schattige poezenbeesten laat je daar zien... "so cute" ^-^

    1. Hoi Bibi, voor eentje zoeken we nog een goed thuis :-)

  2. The kittens are adorable and grey tabbies are my favourite. I'm pleased to hear you had a relaxing break. I shall look forward to the new tutorials. Philippa x

    1. Hello Philippa, thank you. I hope I have a tutorial ready soon.


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