Friday, September 21, 2012

Arne & Carlos knitted dolls

When I saw these dolls
I knew I wanted to make them, so cute.

They are from the book
Knitted dolls from the 
Norwegian knit designers Arne &Carlos.

Hier een link naar de Nederlandse versie

In the book the patterns for the dolls
and a wardrobe to.

I never knitted with 4 needles
but hey, if you can knit with two 
four must be possible too and not that difficult.
So I thought.

picture Arne&Carlos

I needed some help from my sewing teacher
(she is a star in all crafts)
but looking at her demonstrate 
it looked like a magic skill.
A skill I would probably never learn.

picture Arne&Carlos

My thoughts went to all the yarn I already bought
so I tried mastering this skill
and tried and tried.
After 2 hours I was able to knit with 4 needles
but still had some holes that should not supposed to be there.
At home I thought I would try 
to knit a Christmas ball first
from their book 55 Christmas balls to knit.

Hier een link naar de Nederlandse versie.

And succeeded
the key thing was to follow their instructions exactly.
No holes, yeah,  and already a knitted ball for Christmas.
Just need to embroider and fill it
I hope I will get that done before Christmas.

Have a nice weekend.

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