Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Granny square challenge week 1a

As I already mentioned friday
I have postponed the next pattern
for a week.
I hope everyone has their yarn 
by now and is able to start with the first

Above a peak at the pattern
for next week.
We are going to make a circle
in the square.

When you have finished
the first four squares, weave in your ends.
If you wait until you have finished all 180 squares
you probably never finish your blanket :-).

Next week I will show you how to
work over your ends.
Which is easier and quicker then to weave the ends
but not as secure.

Good luck and have fun.


  1. My yarn arrived today - hurray - so I am all ready to start making my squares. I am so excited. Philippa xx

    1. Great, hope you were able to start because we have the next pattern tomorrow.

  2. I did it, ooh yes I did it, Hooray (Please join me in singing Dora the Explorer's finale song). My first granny squares ever!! It took me forever to decide on the colors, but we're off.....
    How many of us are out there by the way? Will there be a granny square day somewhere in the future (to catch up)??

    Look forward to next week!

    1. Hooray, you did it (I remember this song to well :-))Great to hear you were able to finish you first squares ever, just 176 to go, haha. As far as I know their are about 7 of us but there are probably also joining who haven`t let us know. It would be lovely to see how all the blankets look in the end. Let`s see in the end if we can arrange a day and time to meet.

  3. I have finished the first squares, i'm very excited to do the next four. Can't wait!

    1. Yeah, you can start you`re next squares tomorrow.


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