Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Granny square challenge week 2

So we`re off and our first four squares are ready.
Time for the next four.

We will make the grandma all squares
a pattern from the wonderful Michelle
She has a very nice blog about crochet
and some great tutorials.
This time a circle within the square.

The tutorial is very clear with pictures.
I learned a new way to start a new color 
and work your way to the next space.
( I used to attach my new color in the closing slip stitch
and turn my square then continue on the wrong side).
Also new to me was to work over to secure 
I found some tutorials on how it works.
Here, here and here .
I applied it by these squares
but as mentioned before it`s not as secure 
as weaving in your ends.
So I`m not sure if I`m going to use it 
on squares again.
It`s probably better for crocheting stripes.

I made 4 rounds for the circle instead of three,
3 rounds for the square part instead of two.
To make the squares the same size as the ones from last week. 
I made 2 chains instead of 3 in the corners.

Good luck and have fun.

Dutch translation:

ch = chain =  losse
sl st =  slip stitch = halve vaste
tr = treble = stokje
work over to secure = haak over de draden om af te hechten
ws = wrong side = verkeerde kant
dc= double crochet = vaste
Er is hier met Britse termen gewerkt vandaar dat de vertaling afwijkt
 van de vorige squares, deze waren in Amerikaanse termen.


  1. Hi Michelle, I'm an absolute beginner at this crocheting but have at least made a start. My first squares are a little buckled, go in at the sides and out at the corners! Is this something to do with tension? Is there anyway, other than starting all over again, to improve things? Hopefully my squares will appear more like yours as I get more practised. I love the circle in a square for this week. Philippa xx

    1. Hi Philippa, great that you started and finished a square. The more you practice the better they get. Are you able to send me a picture (michelle@wals.nu). I think I can help you better if I can see your square.

    2. Hi Michelle, I'll take send you a picture in the next day or two. Any tips will be very gratefully received. Philippa xx


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