Monday, September 3, 2012

Heartfelt list 4

Every week
a list of 5 things
that touched my heart.

Nice yarn 
in beautiful colors
always makes me happy.
It makes me want to start a new project.
More on the new project tomorrow.

Yarn Annell Rapido from Yvestown shop

One week and then 3 of the four kittens
will leave for their new home.
I`m going to enjoy
see them
play, run and sleep
this week.

Feels great 
when practicing some needle felting 
turns out nicely.

My first beanburgers.
They didn`t taste that great.
It touches me when my husband eats them anyway
without any comments.

Four days a week 
I take a walk in the morning.
Clear my head
and enjoy the view.


  1. How can you bear to part with those beautiful kittens? Then again they don't stay kittens for very long do they. Philippa xx


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