Monday, September 10, 2012

Heartfelt list 4

Every week
a list of 5 things
that touched my heart

Enjoying the last days of summer.

The leftovers from dessert.
Cover slices of pineapple with a mixture 
of (vegetable) butter, maple syrup and cinnamon.
Grill them in a pan.
The leftovers are the middle of the slices
they are not nice to eat.
Otherwise the plate would have been empty.

The last picture
of the brothers and sisters together.
The first one left yesterday.
We miss her
but we are also glad she has a good home.
I hope your not fed up 
with pictures of the kittens.
I promise it will become less.

This movie has had a great impact on me.
(You can watch it on their website)
Before seeing it I was thinking about becoming a vegan
after seeing this movie there was no doubt anymore.
Yesterday I saw a video
about the next movie Unity.
There is a link on my facebookpage.

I see a plane,
what do you see?


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  1. Mooi lijstje weer... en die kittens, kan er geen genoeg van krijgen ^_^


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