Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ella`s tea party 1

My youngest daughter Ella is turning 8 on November the 7th.
For her friends she is giving a high tea
with a Alice in Wonderland theme.
The next few weeks I will post DIY ideas 
and tips on where to buy decorations.
Because most of her friends don`t drink tea
I`m going to make cupcakes in teacups.
I just used regular cake batter
fill the teacup half and add a very full tablespoon of jam.
Add more batter.
The jam I used is Sylt Lingon from Ikea
but any jam will do.

I found these wonderful invitations
Which are wonderful for any tea party.
Take a look because they have loads of other great printables.


  1. What a fantastic party Ella will have. I had boys and somehow parties were never very imaginative - or maybe it was me that wasn't very imaginative. Although saying that, I did once give my son a pirate party complete with 2 metre high paper palm trees, an inflatable parrot, and treasure maps. I think he was about 3 or 4 then. After that he and his friends just ran around in the garden until it was time for tea. I did always make a fanciful cake though. Happy Birthday Ella. Philippa xx

  2. Dank voor de tip, had nog nooit gehoord van Mr. Printables. Echt heel leuk... je dochter zal een super feest hebben, kan niet missen ^_^


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