Friday, November 9, 2012

Computer troubles

I`m so sorry you didn`t hear from me
this week.
Windows 8 has been installed by the Mr.
and I`m lost.
I can`t get to my pictures or photoshop
and every time I wanted to post
the internet wasn`t working.
Which has nothing to do with windows 8
but is more troublesome than trying to figure out windows 8.
Why did they change so much
it seems like everything is different.
I`m not a big fan of changes on the computer.
But the Mr. is an It professional so it happens regularly
that new programs get installed or updated. 
It`s all a bit frustrating.
I hope that the Mr. will be able to get
everything working over the weekend.
And I can start where we
left off.
So no granny square this week.
I had made one that needs pictures
with the explanation.
Some of you are a bit behind
I hope you are able to catch up.
Hope to see you monday.


  1. Don't worry Michelle about me. I have plenty to be getting on with. You have my sympathies with the frustrations of computers. My Best Beloved has been doing something similar for me and I have been moved over from a big computer/proper keyboard to a laptop and flat keyboard. I haven't posted on my blog for a couple of weeks because I don't know where anything plugs in or how to load up pictures. Why do these men of our insist on changing something almost for the sake of change. Philippa xx

  2. Hi Michelle, keep going, you are doing fine. Yes a lot has changes in Windows 8 even for me. Erover availability will be better soon and canon will also catch up.

    Philippa, change is the only constant, embrace it
    Mr. (Dennis Wals)


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