Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ella`s tea party 3

A bit later then planned
pictures of the birthday of Ella.
It is so much fun to see
how much she enjoyed her birthday.
In the morning we prepared everything.
With some lovely products from Joy&Co and the Hema
we decorated everything.
I also made garlands of playing cards
for the Alice in Wonderland theme.
In between to school with a treat for her classmates.
As you can see Ella probably had the loudest Hurray.

After school the tea party.
With sausages and candy,
sandwiches and pop cakes
we had hardly any leftovers.
We watched the movie Alice in Wonderland
and after that it was crafting time.
Decorating the crowns and the heart where we would put the cake pops in.
But of course the cake pops needed decorating too.
I think the girls enjoyed the high tea and decorating the cake pops the most.
I was so busy helping the girls with their crafting
I didn`t have time to take pictures.
After bringing them all home safely
and cleaning up the mess
the mr. and me were tired but satisfied
everything went so well.

The granny square challenge has a delay.
I can`t download the pictures from my camera
to the computer aargh!
I hope I can post it thursday.


  1. What a wonderful party, such delicious-looking food. I hope you and your husband have recovered now. Philippa xx

  2. Such a lovely party! We really love it!
    Joy & Co


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