Thursday, November 22, 2012

Granny square challenge week 8

This week we have one of my favorite patterns.
As you can see I made more rounds then the original pattern,
7 instead of 4.
I`m going to make 5 of these insead of 4
because I don`t want to make this pattern again.
I`ve made 3 of them and keep delaying making the fourth, haha.
No one will notice when the blanket is ready that there are 3 instead of 4,
I hope.

I made 1 ch between the 3 dc.
I just noticed I made a mistake,
"read the pattern completely Michelle!" 
I hope you are paying more attention.
The mistake is that I made dc int the corners
instead of treble crochet.

Good luck and have fun.

Dutch translation

dc = double crochet = stokje
tc = treble crochet = dubbel stokje
yo = yarn over = draad over haaknaald slaan.


  1. Mooi patroon, dank je wel! groet Paula

  2. I've seen this pattern before and I think I understand how to do it but as always I'm a few weeks behind so I may have forgotten how to do it by the time I start. However slow and behind I am, rest assured I am still enjoying myself and hoping to catch up one day. Best wishes, Philippa xx


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