Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Granny square challenge week 7

Yeah I,m able to post again
I`m slowly figuring out how everything works.
This week I made a combination of little squares.
The pattern of the little squares
you can find again at
I have started the square with a magic loop.
Join the squares together with double crochet (UK)/ single crochet (US).
If you don`t know how to do this look here.
I made a border with treble crochet (UK), double crochet (US),
in the corner: tc, ch, tc, ch, tc (UK) , dc, ch, dc, ch, dc (US).
Good luck and have fun.
Er zijn geen nieuwe termen
daarom laat ik de vertaling achterwege.
Als je het ziet duizelen met de UK en US termen,
in de hoeken maak je een stokje, losse, stokje, losse, stokje.

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  1. Michelle this week's challenge looks oh so pretty. How clever you are to think of joining little squares together like this. Well done and thank you. Philippa xx


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