Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sharp crochet hook

I think about a year ago I bought a sharp crochet hook.
It has been patiently waiting
to get used.
And now I finally came around to using it.
The hook has a sharp point on top
so you you can easily make edges on fabric
without hemstitching first.
I made flanel pajamapants and made a shell edging.
Read this post for how to.
Allthough it damages the fabric a little bit
I love the result.


  1. Your new edging has made pretty pyjamas even prettier. Well done Michelle. I thought of you today when I picked up a plain cardigan from a charity shop that I am going to decorate with embroidery such as you did to your daughter's cardigan. I'm so pleased I found one at last. I've been searching for weeks. Philippa xx

    1. Good luck with the cardigan, love to see the result.


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