Monday, January 7, 2013

Finding my way

photograph by Pia Jane Bijkerk

Last year has been a year of finding my way.
I started this blog a year ago when I stopped working at Mies&Moos.
Finding what I truly want to do turned out to be not as easy as I thought,
daily life took over many times.
I let it take over because of insecurities and fear.
What if ...... I asked myself many times.
I also felt quilty for having the time to persue my dreams
and not making any money.
The constant doubts didn`t help.
But lately things seem to fall in place.
Thanks to Life is messy bootcamp I`m in control of my time
and things get done.
Ideas turn into plans and actions.
I hope to show you soon what I`m creating
and going to sell.

For my birthday I got the book my heart wanders from Pia Jane Bijkerk.
I find it very beatiful and inspirational.
The text below is from the book and struck a chord.
These are thoughts that ran through my mind lately
and reading them written by somebody else
was a beautiful experience.

photograph by Pia Jane Bijkerk

Wearing my heart on my sleeve has been the bane of my existence. Being 'too' honest,
                 open, raw, caring, sensitive and intense. I have finally realised that what I was led to
                 believe were my character flaws are actually my strengths. These are what encourage 
                 and ignite my creativity. Without these characteristics, I feel nothing.

                 Perhaps I am just a girl with illusions of grandeur.

                 Perhaps my head is filled with ideas that I can't actually produce.

                 Yet I know deep down that among these grandiose ideas are ideas that I can produce.
                 And I will produce: there is no perhaps about that.

                 So, I have set out to embrace these dear mannerisms of mine. To nurture them and
                 honour them for the first time in my life instead of punishing myself over them.

                 create. be.


  1. It requires a lot of courage to step out of the Rat Race and ponder on what you want from life. I have no doubt that the mists will continue to clear and very soon what appeared frightening will sparkle in the sunshine. Happy 2013. Philippa xx

  2. Thank you Philippa, wishing you a happy 2013 too.

  3. Happy New Year, Michelle! So excited to see more of what you've been creating! How did you like the Life Is Messy Bootcamp? I'm intrigued and could definitely use some organization and direction in my crafty life.

    1. Hi Melissa, allthough I always find it hard to recommend courses. If you wouldn`t like it I feel guilty about recommending it. But despite this I would recommend this course. Mayi is lovely and enthousiastic and has made a great course. I joined the course last october and soon after joining already noticed a change. Where there seemed to be a lack of time there was now more time for my crafty work. The difference was made by planning my day and setting goals. Nothing new but this course finally made me plan my day better and voila there is more time than you realize. In the course there are also some great excersizes and information about defining your goals, profiling your customers, marketing, finance and much more. Because of the benifits I`ve joined this year too. If you have more questions please let me know.


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