Thursday, January 31, 2013

Granny square challenge week 16

This week I adapted a pattern for a blanket
into a square.
I would love to make a blanket with this pattern
but one blanket at a time is more than enough to handle,
at least for me.
I`m always amazed when people produce one blanket after another
in just a couple of months.
There must be a secret no one tells us.
Ah well we`re just going to stick to our four square`s a week.
Back to granny bussines.

I started with 29 chain.
Follow the pattern here in English
and here in Dutch.
If the written English pattern isn`t clear for you
look at the dutch pattern 
she has made pictures that can help you.
After 5 rows of hearts I ended with a row 3 of the pattern,
so it would fit the other squares I made.
Don`t finish off, weave in all the threads,
add a round of sc.
I`m a little bit in love with these hearts
so we are going to make eight of them.
You will have two weeks to make them.
For those who finish early
I will try to find an easy little crochet project
for next week.

Good luck and have fun.

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