Monday, January 21, 2013

Life is messy bootcamp

picture Mayi Carles

Today I answered a question in the comment section
someone asked me about the Life is messy bootcamp,
if I would recommend it.
I realised probably hardly anyone would read it
because it was from two weeks ago.
Normally I would answer sooner
but the mail wasn`t working and I didn`t notice the comment.
So I thought I would share it in a post.

Allthough I always find it hard to recommend courses. 
If you wouldn`t like it I feel guilty about recommending it. 
But despite this I would recommend this course. 
Mayi is lovely and enthousiastic and has made a great course. 
I joined the course last october and soon after joining already noticed a change. 
Where there seemed to be a lack of time there was now more time for my crafty work. 
The difference was made by planning my day and setting goals. 
Nothing new but this course finally made me plan my day better and voila there is more time than you realize. 
In the course there are also some great excersizes and information about defining your goals, profiling your customers, marketing, finance and much more. 
Because of the benifits I`ve joined this year too. 
If you have more questions please let me know. 

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