Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Work in progress

Last week I mentioned I`m working on something new.
It is something I love to do
and makes my heart sing.
This is a portrait of one of my daughters
in crossstitch.

I converted a picture into a pattern.
Up till now I`m following the pattern
but I have some ideas to make it my own creation.
The plan is to make custom portraits.
Hopefully soon available in my 
still to open Etsy shop.
But first I`m going to finish this portrait
so you can see the end result. 

In my work I want to show the beauty of each person or animal. 
The crossstitches are a lot like pixels, if you look closely it is a collection of colorful squares, 
from a distance the face gets it`s shape and becomes clear. 
If you concentrate on the little details you loose sight of the bigger picture. 
The bigger picture is a combination of beautiful and less beautiful things. 
This combination is unique and makes up the personality. 
Which to me is the real beauty.
In my portraits I want to expres this unique combination.

Allthough I`m still working on this piece
and it`s my first one and I`m not even sure if 
the result wil be as I imagine.
I want to show it
to let you in on the process,
success and failure.
Still in doubt though if that is a wise thing to do
I`m going to push the publish button.

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