Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gift wrapping with a crochet border

Yesterday morning I thought
HELP I don`t have a new granny square pattern.
Then a sigh of relief
because I remembered we are making 8 squares
with the cute hearts from last week.
So no new granny pattern this week.

This week a tutorial of a gift wrapping idea
with a crochet border.

You will need:
a piece of wall paper
crochet yarn
crochet hook

1. Double up the wall paper.
Put the gift on top to see what size you need.
Cut the wall paper .
Cut it larger then the gift you want to put inside
otherwise it won`t fit.
The back longer than the front so you can fold it like and envelope

2. Draw and cut round corners
at the top.

3. I wanted to join the sides with my sharp crochet hook
but I don`t think it`s suited for paper
so I used the blanket stitch.

4. blanket stitch

5. Go all the way round with the blanket stitch

6. If your yarn isn`t long enough
just tie it together

7 and 8. Crochet a border.
I made sc, 6 ch, skip a stitch, sc,
continue with this pattern.

9.On top in the middle I made 12 ch
to make a buttonhole.
But this depends on the size of the button you`re using.

10. Sew on the button ( just tie the yarn inside).

11 and 12. I added a snowflake.
There are lots of patterns to be found on the internet.
Here is a link to Attic24 with one who looks like the one I made.

More nice ideas with paper and a crochet border.


  1. Oh Michelle what a wonderful workshop on present wrapping. I will try to remember to try it the next thing I wrap a gift. There is a big gap in my crochet squares as I haven't been keeping up very well but I loved last week's squares so much that I just had to give this one a go and I will fill in the missing squares when time allows. Have a good week. Philippa xx

    1. Hello Phillipa, thank you for the compliment. I can understand you`re behind, that always used to happen to me too. But now I have to make them each week because I can`t let you all down after promising a pattern every week :-).


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