Crochet bag with hearts tutorial

This bag is a combination of two patterns.
I like to combine patterns and ideas to come up with something new.

You`ll need:

*yarn, cotton. I forgot to write down how much I used
but I`m guessing I used 200 gram grey and 100 gram red.

*crochet hook, I used 4 mm

*fabric, depends on the size of the bag but you don`t need much

*sewing thread

*sewing machine

This is what you`ll need to crochet.
A front and back and the sides/strap.
You also need to cut this in fabric.

1. Crochet a front and back with the pattern from Mary Ann Frits
here in English and here in Dutch.
I started with 64 ch.
Edging, start with a 1 ch then sc (US), dc (UK) in every stitch,
corners 1 sc, 1 ch, 1 sc, 1 ch, 1sc. 
The finished measurement is 30 by 34 cm ( approximately 12 by 13,5 inches).
If you want you can make them bigger or smaller,
adjust your strap if necessary.

2. Crochet your strap which is also the sides of your bag.
Make a chain 180 cm long (70 inches).
Round 1: 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook,
1 sc in every stitch to the end.
Round 2: 1ch, 1sc in each stitch to the end.
Repeat round 2 until the strap measures 7,5 cm (3inches).
You`ll need some patience for this part it seems to take forever
but I promise you`ll get there.

3. If you want to line the bag use your front/back and strap/sides as a template.
Your strap/sides are two pieces.
For the sides of the bag measure the sides and bottom of your front/back part.
For the strap measure the remaining part, make a large seam.

4. Sew your strap part onto the strap.
As you can see above at the center part of the strap.
Sew you sides, front and back of the lining together.
Crochet the front, back and sides/strap together with sc.
Pin it together first to ensure everything stays in place.

5. Attach the lining with hand stitching.
The lining of the strap is under the lining of the bag.

The way the bag is put together comes from the book
Geek chic crochet from Nicki Trench
also to be found in Mollie Makes issue twenty.

Good luck and have fun.

PS. I`m afraid there is some crappy English in this tutorial, sorry 
but I didn`t know how else to describe it.
If you have any suggestions or questions please let me know at


  1. I love this bag. Thanks for sharing the making proces.
    Liefs, Melanie

  2. What a gorgeous bag, Michelle! And I love the colours you chose!

  3. Lovely, lovely bag Michelle. Thank you for the tutorial. Philippa xx

  4. awesome! i'm gonna make it for myself, thank you :)

  5. woow..such a beautifulll baggg....wanna make one for myself...:)
    it would hav been great help if you have shown the crochet tutorial too...had gone thru the pattern on the site you mentioned..but its difficult for a beginner like me to understand...

    1. Samira maybe it helps if you look at the dutch version of the heart pattern. She added pictures in her tutorial. I hope it helps.

  6. Lovely bag, thanks for sharing your great idea!

  7. c'est un ouvrage magnifique

  8. It's such a lovely bag! Love it!


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