Monday, March 25, 2013

Dreading this post

I have dreaded this post so I`m just going to start.
Last week I heard I have breast cancer.
It went all very fast, 
on Monday I went to the doctor because I felt a lump,
Wednesday I had to go to hospital for tests
and at the end of the day
I listened to a doctor and nurse telling me 
they found malign cells.
It is still very unreal and I feel like I`m playing a part in a movie.
Someone will yell "cut" and life will be back to normal.
But I`m slowly realizing no one will yell cut and this is reality. 
This week I will have some more tests 
and there will be some clarity in what treatment I will have to get.
I know an operation is needed, probably next week.

You probably understand why there wasn`t a new granny square last week.
I`m going to place a new one this week,
but I don`t think I will be able to place a new granny square after this week.
Who would like to have a guest post,
you will have to write about a granny square pattern
we didn`t make so far.
If you would like to participate send me a mail at,
containing the text, link, picture and if you have a blog your blog adress.
I will schedule your post in one of the coming weeks
so please send it this week because I won`t be able to schedule your post after this week.

I`m not sure if I`m able to keep posting regularly
but I will try to at least write an update once in a while 


  1. My prays and thoughts are with you during this challenge. I commend you for wanting to continue writing, could be a blessing. I wish I knew more to help out with your granny squares. I hope you know that there are many who are hoping for a speedy treatment and recover. Take care of yourself

  2. Ik kom vandaag voor het eerst op je blog en dan gelijk dit vreselijk verdrietige bericht. Heel veel sterkte de komende tijd!

  3. I am hoping for your recovery and future wellness. I'm new to your blog today.
    All of your beautiful creations are an aspiration to me. You are in my prayers and thoughts.

  4. Ik volg je pas sinds gisteren en wilde net je mooie blog in zijn geheel gaan lezen en je te laten weten dat ik van je blog geniet.
    En dan lees ik wat je nu doormaakt. Wat kun je schrijven als je zoiets leest?
    Dat iemands leven op zijn kop staat.
    Dus hoop ik maar dat het je helpt dat we hier met je meeleven.
    Veel sterkte voor jou en je familie.

  5. Heel veel sterkte!
    In my thoughts and prayers...
    Love Theetje

  6. I just found your page today from a link on Pinterest...I was saddened by your post today. I am sure this is a very difficult time for you and your family. I am going to start on the Granny Square Challenge as soon as I receive my yarn and am going to use it as a prayer afghan for you. As I work on this beautiful project I will pray for your fast and complete recovery. Love and hope sent from across the ocean...

  7. Hi ladies, thank you all for your kind comments. It means a lot to me.

  8. Je bent elke dag in mijn gedachten en om wat voor je te kunnen doen gelijk ook mooie nieuwe granny's opgezocht voor de Granny square challenge om een beschrijving te maken, in Englisch natuurlijk... een Granny with heart because I Heart You and one with a flower because we need Spring! xx Miss Moos

    1. Dank je wel lieverd. Ben benieuwd naar je squares.

  9. Sending you much cancer zapping crochet love. xxxx

  10. Hi Michelle, I send to you so many thoughts for strength and quick healing. I am so glad that you are having such quick action . . . that will lead to you feeling all well again so very soon. I join all of our Dottie Angel Dearies in sending our love and best thoughts to you. Love, Kris

  11. My thoughts and prayers are with you Michelle. I commend you for being so open with us. I know how frightening it is to have a life-changing diagnosis. Thank you for teaching me to crochet, it's been great fun thus far. Hopefully someone take up the baton. With much love Philippa xxx

  12. heel veel sterkte! We houden jou gewoon op de hoogte van onze granny dekens zodat je energie uit al die mooie projecten kunt halen die jij hebt opgezet!

  13. Sending positive healing thoughts to you... courage and peace... listen to your body and be well soon... much love to you. Cass x

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