Monday, April 22, 2013

Granny Square Challenge wk 24

Yes! Done!
A little while ago I found lovely squares to make for Michelle's Challenge... and it was a big granny challenge to me! First I made the peachy potholder and gave it to Michelle on the day of her surgery , thinking it will be easy peasy to make the granny too. I almost loved the potholder so much I didn't want to make a granny and because at first I only had a pdf with the potholder tutorial it wasn't easy peasy too. Happily I found almost the same tutorial with a granny, yeah! But I wanted a different square than in the tutorial... so for the last week I made it over and over and over, mixed a little bit till I thought this will be a lovely square to be.
You can follow this pdf found on Ravelry or what I did instead like my photo:

Round 2:
Puffstiches instead of popcornstich (explained in the pdf too)
Round 5:
Attach new nice color, slip stitch in next space and make a puff stitch in the same space, chain 1, puff stitch in next space and chain 1 in every space from round 4 till the bottom of the heart, you make a extra puff stitch (and chain 1) on top corner stitch round 4, continue to the top and finish with a slip stitch in first puff stitch
Round 6:
Attach new nice color, slipstitch in next space from round 5 and make a dc(sc) in the same space, chain 3, in each space all around, close with slip stich.
Round 7: working pro space
3 htr(hdc) in first space
3 dc(sc) in next
2 htr(hdc) + 1 tr(dc)
2 dtr(tr) + chain 3 + 2 dtr(tr) this is a corner
3 tr(dc)
1 tr(dc) + 2 htr(hdc)
3 dc(sc)
3 dc(sc)
2 htr(hdc) + 1 tr(dc)
3 tr(dc)
2 dtr(tr) + 1 triple tr (3 times yarn over)
2 triple tr + chain 3 + 2 triple tr  = corner
1 triple tr + 2 dtr(tr)
2 tr(dc) + 1 htr(hdc)
3 dc(sc)

3 slipstiches on the bottom from the heart, crochet in the opposite order to the beginning, starting with 3 dc(sc) etc. etc.
Yeah! we're on the top again and 1 space is left open, fill it with 3 tr(dc) and slipstich in first of this round.
Round 8:
Almost done! attach new color and go round with all dc(sc) in every stitch from round 7 and in the corner spaces make 2 dc(sc), slip stitch on the end in the first....
Work all the treads and I hope you love your work!

Forgive my English is not that good, I usually write in Dutch but I love to do this!
I'm gonna make another potholder and maybe a little bag/purse, also from Ravelry by Carola Wijma
Join a charity project with making granny hearts, you can all read about on this link and download the tutorial for the potholder/bag/granny heart. 

Have fun!

xxx Monique


  1. Love the heart squire.
    Liefs, Melanie

  2. This is lovely. I can't wait to give it a go. Thank you. Philippa xx


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