Granny square challenge wk 26

I`m sorry I totally forgot to post
a granny square for the challenge.
I had planned it for Friday but
was busy packing for a weekend to the beach
and shaving my hair.
No not my legs but my head.
I was constantly loosing hair
so I decided it was time to go bald.
As you can see we had a lovely weekend
and even though there was a strong wind
and the water was freezing cold
the girls went swimming.
But enough chit chat
on to the granny square.

This weeks pattern comes from Spatula Graphics
Just scroll down and you will come across the pattern.

Round 4, I started with making a complete shell 
(so I made 2 ch, 6 dc in the same space).
Round 8 is the last round.
I didn`t understand the FPDC,
I made a dc on every stitch and in the corners:
2 dc, 2 ch, 2 dc.

Good luck and have fun.


  1. Wat fijn dat je een lekker weekend hebt gehad. Het water is freezing koud... Stoer van je meiden. Doe rustig aan en voel de druk niet van je granny's hoor! Superleuk overigens.... Ik heb toch een rok, muts, sjaal en menig deken gehaakt van Granny's... Leuk leuk... nu nog wat energie!. Liefs Paula


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