Monday, January 20, 2014

Felting workshop from Rozevilterije

Just before Christmas I went to a felting workshop
with some lovely ladies.
To celebrate my birthday, the end of radiation
and to thank these ladies for their help
during treatments.
We made notebook covers
and had a wonderful time.
The studio Rozevilterije from Brigitte is beautiful with lots of color
and her creations enchanting.
You can see some of her work in the pictures above
and at her website,
at foToOs (pictures), click on the birds to see more.

As you can see we need a bit more practice
to be able to make such beautiful creations as Brigitte
but we were very happy with our
book covers.
Brigitte has several workshops to choose from
a few hours to one day, several days and even 
a course for a year.
In September I will start with the course for a year.
Although it is hard work rubbing and rolling
to get the felting process working 
I loved doing it and can not wait to start in September.

In April Brigitte is giving a workshop in the US in Oxford Connecticut
and maybe in July in Easthampton MA.
For more information you can send an e-mail (address under contact) to Brigitte.

I am struggling with my English today
so I am sorry if I made many mistakes. 

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  1. Ooh I think your book covers are lovely. I've had a go at making felt before and although it was fun I was pretty useless. I did go to see a lady in the Orkneys who makes felt and to save on the physical and tiring aggitating she uses an electric sander but without the sandpaper. It gets the work done in loads less time. She did admit to getting through quite a few sanders each year! And of course you do have to be careful using electrical equipment around water. I shall look forward to seeing your future creations. Philippa xx


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