Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Red Nose Day Dolls

When I saw this button on Lola Nova 
I decided to take a look.
And fell in love with all the cute stuff that has been made
for these dolls.

These capes from Lola Nova are definitely my favourite.
I would wear them myself if they were in my size. 

Here is Maisie one of the dolls.

she is made by Jodie.

These are knitted doll clothes
made by Julie for the doll Lily.
Her blog is Little Cotton Rabbits.
You can find a free pattern 
for the teeny tiny teddies

The dolls even have teeny tiny books
made by Celia

these gorgeous baskets
made by Val.

There is more to see on the facebook page and blog.
If you want you can own one of the dolls.
These 4 hand made dollies will be auctioned by Ros Badger & Emma Mitchell
for Comic Relief on Ebay between 7th & 17th March 2013
to raise money for Red nose day `13.

I`m off for some browsing through all the nice blogs
and websites from all the designers who participated.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Granny square challenge week 18

Doesn`t it feel like spring
looking at these pictures?
I`m longing for warmer weather,
flowers, sunshine.
Spring is around the corner,
just a little more patients.

This week I made a variation of the pattern from last week.
The round of sc are now in round 5 instead of 7.

Round 5, change color, 1 ch, 1 sc in every stitch,
 in the corners: skip 1 stitch, 2 sc, 2 ch, 2 sc, skip 1 stitch.
I skip 1 stitch so the square stays a square and doesn`t become pointy.
( I hope you understand what I mean).
Round 7, dc instead of sc in every stitch, 
corners: 2 dc, 2 ch, 2 dc.

Good luck and have fun.

Next week I`m going to try to make a granny with these flowers.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Crochet flower pattern from rose hip

Since we made the flower granny square from rose hip
I wanted to make these flowers.
When I saw my friend Monique
make them,
I picked up my crochet hook to give it a go.
And I love them,
it is a beautiful flower
especially when you make a bunch in different shades of a color.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Granny square challenge week 17

This weeks pattern is easy peasy and quick.
It is from Hooked on Needles
In the link I gave you there is a video
if you want the written pattern

I made 6 rounds and ended with a round 7 in sc.
In each corner in round 1 to 6, 2 sc instead of 1
and in round 7, 1 sc in the corners.

Good luck and have fun.

I would like to know if you find the new font readable
or do you have a hard time reading the text?
I love how it looks but if it`s difficult to read
I will change it.
Let me know!

I got some feedback on facebook the text was hard to read
so I changed the font.
Hope this is better.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gift wrapping with a crochet border

Yesterday morning I thought
HELP I don`t have a new granny square pattern.
Then a sigh of relief
because I remembered we are making 8 squares
with the cute hearts from last week.
So no new granny pattern this week.

This week a tutorial of a gift wrapping idea
with a crochet border.

You will need:
a piece of wall paper
crochet yarn
crochet hook

1. Double up the wall paper.
Put the gift on top to see what size you need.
Cut the wall paper .
Cut it larger then the gift you want to put inside
otherwise it won`t fit.
The back longer than the front so you can fold it like and envelope

2. Draw and cut round corners
at the top.

3. I wanted to join the sides with my sharp crochet hook
but I don`t think it`s suited for paper
so I used the blanket stitch.

4. blanket stitch

5. Go all the way round with the blanket stitch

6. If your yarn isn`t long enough
just tie it together

7 and 8. Crochet a border.
I made sc, 6 ch, skip a stitch, sc,
continue with this pattern.

9.On top in the middle I made 12 ch
to make a buttonhole.
But this depends on the size of the button you`re using.

10. Sew on the button ( just tie the yarn inside).

11 and 12. I added a snowflake.
There are lots of patterns to be found on the internet.
Here is a link to Attic24 with one who looks like the one I made.

More nice ideas with paper and a crochet border.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Yeah, the portrait is finished.
It took me a lot of hours
but I like how it`s turned out.

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