Friday, August 31, 2012

Homemade vegan pizza

Last week we ate some homemade pizza.
It is so much better than the frozen one`s
and as a bonus no additives.
The pizza dough I make
comes from Veggie num.num,
it is thin and crispy.

I also make my own tomato sauce,
which comes from the book
Sorry, only available in Dutch.
I found another recipe
Make a big batch
so you have enough for a couple of meals of 
pasta and pizza.
You can also freeze the dough.
When you know you don`t
have much time in the evening
just pop your dough 
and marinara sauce 
out of the freezer in the morning.

In the evening throw on top the ingredients you like
and it`s easy peasy .
As you can see the rest of the family
isn`t vegan (yet).
But there is a lot less animal and processed food
in the house.
I`m going to seduce my family with 
lovely vegan food
until they don`t want anything else anymore.
Patience will be my ally.

 And there is my tasty vegan  pizza..

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How to make hair rubber with ribbons

This is probably the easiest tutorial ever.
You just need a hair rubber,
and if you want 
a little flower to sew on the knot.

Select about 5 different ribbons. 
Cut them 45 cm. which is a bit less then 18 inches.
You can make them shorter or longer,
different lengths,
just as you want them.
It`s a great way to use those leftover pieces
you have been saving
and don`t know what to do with.

Tie the ribbons firmly around the hair rubber.
You can leave it like this
or sew the flower on the knot.

This is as easy peasy as it can get.

Endless possibilities.

Have fun.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Heartfelt list 3

Every week a list of 5 things
that touched my heart.

My girls
each and every day they
touch my heart and soul.

Clothing Brand for girls.

I love flowers.
I try to have fresh flowers every week.
The vase used to be from the opa (grandfather) 
of my husband.
My mother in law gave it to me
she knows I love these things.
Because of the history of the vase
it`s very precious to me.

The kittens are exploring our home.
They are so cute and such a joy.

Bag from la Marelle.
(products from la Marelle also available at Mies&Moos)

My tea in a beautiful cup and saucer
makes me happy.

Baking with my youngest daughter.
The best thing for her is to 
lick the bowl.
Her smile is worth a million.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I`m back

I`m back,
I had some lovely relaxed weeks.

As you can see 
some lovely kittens have been born.
They are a joy 
to watch grow up.
They are already 5 weeks
and exploring our house.

After a bad start 
the weather luckily changed for the better.
So when friends celebrated their fifteenth wedding anniversary
we had a lovely and delicious
high tea outside in the garden.
Although these things can be tricky
when you are vegan.
I was asked to help with the baking,
so I made some vegan cakes.
Everybody liked the
lower-fat deep chocolate bundt cake
from the cookbook Veganomicon.

These last weeks I cleared my mind, my house
and I`m ready and eager to start again.
Allthough I haven`t prepared any 
I have more than enough ideas,
which I hope to post soon.

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