Friday, June 29, 2012

Heartfelt list 2

Every week a list of 5 things
that touched my heart.

(samen means together)

Last weekend we celebrated
my parents
fiftieth wedding day.
Fifty years together that touches my heart.

We celebrated with the family
in Limburg
(the south of the Netherlands)
A part of the Netherlands where there are many catholic people.
So there are also many religious statues.
The expression from this statue
touched me.

We stayed at a farm de Vrijheerlijkheid
where we had a lovely stay.
The pictures are from the tea garden.
All the nice decorating made us feel at home.

At Dottie Angel camp 2012 Heidi suggested a doilie swap.
When I received all the goodies 
it felt like Christmas.
I`m going to cherish every item
and they will bring fond memories to my projects.

picture by cloth and thread

Isn`t this a beauty.
No need to explain why this lovely creature
touches my heart.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bubbly crochet edging

Today as promised the edging of the lappity lap blanket.
I have given it the name bubbly edging.
It`s from a Japanese craft book;  Let`s play with color.
I bought it at an Etsy shop;

Be warned, I`ve spend many hours there
looking at al the lovely craft books
before I decided which books I would order.
The yarn is from Yvestown
and there is a sale until the 5th of july.
So hoppity hop to both shops for the book and the yarn.

1. 8 ch (chain)

1. 8 Losse

2. Go 3 stitches back and make a tr/dc (treble UK, double crochet US).
Don`t finish the tr/dc leave one loop on the hook, ( there are 2 loops on your hook).

2. Ga 3 steken terug en maak in de 3e steek een stokje.
Maak het stokje niet af maar laat 1 lus op de haak (je hebt nu 2 lussen op je haak).

3. Repeat until you have 4 loops on your hook.
(3 tr/dc total).

3. Herhaal tot je 4 lussen op je haak hebt.
(3 stokjes in totaal).

Pull the yarn through the 4 loops.

Haal het garen door de 4 lussen.

4. 4 ch, repeat from 2 but go back 4 stiches.

4. 4 losse, herhaal vanaf 2 maar ga nu 4 steken terug.

5. Make a bubbly ball by joining the two clusters together.

5. Maak een bolletje door de 2 delen samen te haken met een halve vaste.

6. 5 ch, close with a slip stitch. 

6. 5 Losse, sluit met een halve vaste.

Good luck and have fun.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lappity lap blanket

Today will be the day that I finish
my lappity lap blanket.
I started it
As you can see I`m almost finished with the edging.

You can finish it in a day
but I wanted to try crocheting
the parts together.
It takes time so I knew I had to finish it at home.

And well, once you take it home to finish
live gets in the way with finishing.

But today is the day I will finish this lovely blanket.
A warm and cozy reminder of a wonderful weekend
with some lovely dearies.
Tomorrow I will show you how to crochet the edging.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

the heartfelt list 1

heartfelt [ˈhɑːtˌfɛlt]
sincerely and strongly felt

Today I want to start the heartfelt list.
Every week I will place a list
with 5 things 
that touched my heart.
A way to remind myself
and be grateful.
And also at least one link to a book, a person,
artist etc. for you to enjoy.
I hope by reading my list it will make you think
about your own heartfelt list.
1. Birthday cake for the beautiful birthday girl
who turned ten.
She is our sunshine
every day since she was born.

2. peonies

3. A reader already asking if my needle felt work is for sale.
Thank you Lulu.

4. Within 2 or 3 weeks this beautiful lady is going to be a mum.

5. They all liked the vegan chocolate chip cookies, I baked.
Recipe from the book Lisette in luilekkerland.
Sorry as far as I know only in Dutch. 

What touched your heart this week?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Work in progress

Hello Julie

still lots of work to do
to complete you.
Luckily Julie is a patient girl.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Birthday party

On June the 20th one of my girls has her 10th birthday,
time goes so fast.
For her birthday party we went to a fruit farm
to make apple juice.

After a tour around the farm,
we passed
cherries, all kind of apples,
bees, raspberries, pears,
 strawberries and more...
It was time to cut the apples.

Birthday girl crushing the apples.

The last part squeezing the juice.

Which is hard work but also fun to do.

The bottles were filled, time to colour the label
and take a bottle fresh self made apple juice home.
If you live nearby Tricht (the Netherlands)
you can pay them a visit,
they have lots of other activities.
Fruit farm de Hoenderik.

Friday, June 8, 2012

heartfelt vegan

Recently I read an interview with Victoria Moran
(during the e-course creative courage).
I had stumbled upon some vegans lately
and I
always try to find ways to feel healthier.
A little voice said
you want to know more about this.
seemed good to find out more.
And it did, clear, straight forward,
facts (not to much)
and something you can do in your daily live.
I was mainly focused on my own health while reading
but I found that the animals 
in the dairy industry
also don`t have a good live
and certainly not a good death.
After seeing the movie Earthlings
it was pretty clear to me that I don`t
want to eat or use animal products anymore.
I will keep using the leather belts and shoes I already have,
but I really find it hard not to buy some new spiffy clogs, snif.
A small sacrifice though.
But if anyone knows where I can buy vegan clogs
you would make me so happy.
(No this is not food for the flowers.)
Because I want to be a healthy vegan,
a juicer has been bought
for some tasty juice.
Pineapple, spinach and lime.
I never liked vegetable juice
but with the pineapple and lime
it wasn`t bad even tasty.

Movie`s I watched last weekend
and some off them made a lasting impression.

There is so much more I could tell you
but if you are interested
you can do your own research
so you can make your own choice.
Once in a while I will keep you up to date 
about my adventure in the vegan world.

P.S. voor mijn Nederlandse lezers.
Ik heb besloten alleen nog in het Engels te schrijven.
Om in beiden talen te schrijven neemt
veel tijd in beslag
en dat houdt me soms tegen om 
een post te schrijven.
De tutorials blijf ik nog wel in Nederlands en Engels schrijven.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Mrs. Muffin

There she is Mrs. Muffin in her full glory.
She is a very lovely lady.
You would love her to be your neighbour
because she has always
something nice to say.
That a dress looks wonderful on you,
how adorable your children are
and how she loves your new curtains.
But the best of all are the delicious muffins she bakes
and always brings over.
Mrs. Muffin loves her tea
with the bonbons her son brings her every week.
Mr. Muffin used to buy them for her, 
 since he died her son buys them .
The real name off Mr. Muffin was Mr. Smith,
but you probably understand
why everybody called them the Muffins.
Not a day goes by without tea and a bonbon
or two
for Mrs.Muffin.
Daar is ze dan helemaal, Mrs. Muffin.
Ze is een hele lieve dame 
die je graag als buurvrouw zou willen hebben.
Omdat ze altijd wat aardigs heeft te zeggen,
hoe goed de jurk je staat,
hoe leuk je kinderen zijn
en wat een mooie nieuwe gordijnen je hebt.
Maar het beste zijn toch de muffins die ze bakt
en waar ze er altijd een paar van komt brengen.
Mrs. Muffin is gek op een kopje thee,
altijd met een bonbonnetje
die haar zoon haar iedere week brengt.
Mr. Muffin haalde ze altijd voor haar
maar sinds zijn dood heeft haar zoon het overgenomen.
Mr. Muffin heette niet echt Muffin maar Smith 
maar je begrijpt waarschijnlijk wel waarom iedereen
ze de Muffins noemde.
Er gaat geen dag voorbij zonder een kopje thee 
en een bonbonnetje
of twee
voor Mrs. Muffin.

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