Friday, September 28, 2012

Felting tutorial from Lil Blue Boo

I had planned a tutorial
on how to needle felt little balls.
But a cystitis and a full schedule prevented me
from preparing it.
So I thought I would google
for something nice about felting.
I stumbled upon Lil Blue Boo.
Some of you might already know Ashley and her website.
With 28,712 followers on facebook
I must have lived under a rock
not to know her.
But I`m glad I found this wonderful and pretty site
with some great tutorials.
This tutorial is about wet felting
something I still have to try.
Enjoy looking around.
Next week the needle felt tutorial.

Have a nice weekend.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Granny square challenge week 2

So we`re off and our first four squares are ready.
Time for the next four.

We will make the grandma all squares
a pattern from the wonderful Michelle
She has a very nice blog about crochet
and some great tutorials.
This time a circle within the square.

The tutorial is very clear with pictures.
I learned a new way to start a new color 
and work your way to the next space.
( I used to attach my new color in the closing slip stitch
and turn my square then continue on the wrong side).
Also new to me was to work over to secure 
I found some tutorials on how it works.
Here, here and here .
I applied it by these squares
but as mentioned before it`s not as secure 
as weaving in your ends.
So I`m not sure if I`m going to use it 
on squares again.
It`s probably better for crocheting stripes.

I made 4 rounds for the circle instead of three,
3 rounds for the square part instead of two.
To make the squares the same size as the ones from last week. 
I made 2 chains instead of 3 in the corners.

Good luck and have fun.

Dutch translation:

ch = chain =  losse
sl st =  slip stitch = halve vaste
tr = treble = stokje
work over to secure = haak over de draden om af te hechten
ws = wrong side = verkeerde kant
dc= double crochet = vaste
Er is hier met Britse termen gewerkt vandaar dat de vertaling afwijkt
 van de vorige squares, deze waren in Amerikaanse termen.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Heartfelt list 6

Every week a list of 5 things 
that touched my heart.

Every year we go to the same place
to look for chestnuts.

A new project.

Autumn flowers.

(The dragon from the Ravelijn show in the Efteling.)

A picture taken at the right moment.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Arne & Carlos knitted dolls

When I saw these dolls
I knew I wanted to make them, so cute.

They are from the book
Knitted dolls from the 
Norwegian knit designers Arne &Carlos.

Hier een link naar de Nederlandse versie

In the book the patterns for the dolls
and a wardrobe to.

I never knitted with 4 needles
but hey, if you can knit with two 
four must be possible too and not that difficult.
So I thought.

picture Arne&Carlos

I needed some help from my sewing teacher
(she is a star in all crafts)
but looking at her demonstrate 
it looked like a magic skill.
A skill I would probably never learn.

picture Arne&Carlos

My thoughts went to all the yarn I already bought
so I tried mastering this skill
and tried and tried.
After 2 hours I was able to knit with 4 needles
but still had some holes that should not supposed to be there.
At home I thought I would try 
to knit a Christmas ball first
from their book 55 Christmas balls to knit.

Hier een link naar de Nederlandse versie.

And succeeded
the key thing was to follow their instructions exactly.
No holes, yeah,  and already a knitted ball for Christmas.
Just need to embroider and fill it
I hope I will get that done before Christmas.

Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

"Easy A" breakfast carrot cake

You probably think I only bake.
No sirree, of course I cook too.
I promise next week
no baking but a cooking recipe.
And for those who think where are the carrots
I only see prunes.
You add carrot juice to the the batter.

I`m trying to find a healthy, tasty snack
for school for the girls.
Ella liked it and took it to school
but Zoe unfortunately not.
So my search goes on.
I will succeed one day, I hope.

You can vary with this recipe.
I used prunes instead of a peach.
A banana instead of apple sauce.
Because I ran out of whole wheat pastry flour
I used
two cups of whole wheat pastry flour (instead of 3) 
and 1 cup whole wheat flour.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Granny square challenge week 1a

As I already mentioned friday
I have postponed the next pattern
for a week.
I hope everyone has their yarn 
by now and is able to start with the first

Above a peak at the pattern
for next week.
We are going to make a circle
in the square.

When you have finished
the first four squares, weave in your ends.
If you wait until you have finished all 180 squares
you probably never finish your blanket :-).

Next week I will show you how to
work over your ends.
Which is easier and quicker then to weave the ends
but not as secure.

Good luck and have fun.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Heartfeltlist 5

Every week
a list of 5 things
that touched my heart.


Ready for a day full of fun
in the Efteling
(a Dutch theme park).

My sweet family getting wet
in the Flying Dutchmen.

Yesterday the last two kittens
got a new home.
This little fellow is staying with us.
It is quiet in our house 
with two cats instead of four.
But I`m grateful all the kittens
got a good loving home.

A little pampering.
I just love stationary.
Unfortunately these items are not for sale in the online shop.
But I bought them here.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Granny square challenge update

Because some of you are waiting for their yarn,
we will take a week extra
for the first square.
This way we all can start together.
I recommend you choose a color 
with which you always end your squares.
 It gives the blanket unity.
A you can see I chose off white.

I`m so excited about this challenge
hope you are too.
Fall has started here,
so it`s nice weather to curl up on your couch
and start with the squares.
I`m going to search for a new pattern for week 2 
and give it a go,

Have a nice crafty weekend.

Voor de Dutchies,
ik heb een fout gemaakt bij het vertalen afgelopen dinsdag.
Ch = chain - een losse ipv. een vaste.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Peanut butter chocolate chip muffins

Again a recipe from Kathy
She has so much delicious recipes.

Sweetened with agave syrup and banana,
filled with rolled oats, whole wheat pastry flour and chia seeds.
You won`t feel guilty
when you put them in the oven.

When you are ready cleaning your kitchen
they will be ready to enjoy.
They taste best warm
but are still very good cold.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Granny square challenge week 1

Today we will start our granny square challenge.
I hope you have your hooks and yarn ready.
As you can see I`m working ahead
to see if the pattern works
and if necessary give you some pointers.

I`ve planned to make a blanket 
with a size of 1.44 m by 1.80 m (about 57 inches by 71 inches)
One square is 12 by 12 cm (a bit less then 5 by 5 inches).

We will make a total of 180 squares in 45 weeks.
(a 2 week break at Christmas and a six week break in the summer).
I use a hook size 3 mm
if your yarn needs another size hook
the size of the square will change.
Calculate if you need more or less squares.
You don`t need to make the same size blanket of course
if 4 squares a week is to much just make a smaller blanket.

As you can see I changed my color scheme.
I hope I will keep liking these colors for a year,
but at the moment I`m smitten.
Again a link to the Yvestown shop.
I borrowed her yarn pictures
and yippie she has a sale.
That brings me to my next point.
How much yarn I`m going to need.
I`m sorry but I don`t have a clue.
On attic24 she ordered 30 balls of yarn
for a blanket that`s 1500 grams.
It`s a good start point
but if you order or buy in a shop. 
Make sure they keep the colors in stock
so you can order again if you don`t have enough.

Let`s start.
Our first pattern is a classic granny square.
You can find the pattern on Ravelry
a great source for patterns.
If your not a member yet 
you need to become a member to access the pattern.
The pattern is 
Traditional Granny Square by Donna Higgins.
I can`t make a link because you need to log in first.
After logging in go to patterns
search for Traditional Granny Square Donna Higgins
place it in your library.
You can find your library again
in "my notebook".
You can find me at Ravelry 
if you search for the heartfelt company.

If you don`t understand the pattern when you read it.
(Many times I really don`t get it by just reading.)
Just start and try to understand it as you go.
This works for me.

Does anyone know where the abbreviation BO stands for?
After a round I attach my new color after the slip stitch 
and turn the square then continue on the other side.
As you can see I made 7 rounds instead of 5.

If you have any questions please let me know in the comments
I will answer by replying your comment.


This part is in Dutch about  translation for the hook terms used
in the patterns.
De patronen die ik gebruik zijn allemaal in het Engels,
het schrikt sommige misschien af
maar het is zeker de moeite waard
om aan de hand van een vertaalschema
met Engelse patronen te werken.
Er zijn zoveel meer patronen die je dan kan maken
en na wat oefening is het heel goed te doen.
Vertaalschema`s vindt je bij
(vanuit het forum,uitgebreid dus soms is het zoeken).
Ook bij Charami 
(deze is korter en daardoor overzichtelijker,ook andere talen).

Om jullie op weg te helpen hierbij een vertaling 
van de gebruikte termen bij dit patroon.
ch = chain = vaste  sorry, dit moet natuurlijk een losse zijn
sl. st. =  slip stitch = halve vaste
dc = double crochet = stokje
sp = space = ruimte/gat.
Voor de overgang bij een nieuwe kleur kijk bij pointers.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Heartfelt list 4

Every week
a list of 5 things
that touched my heart

Enjoying the last days of summer.

The leftovers from dessert.
Cover slices of pineapple with a mixture 
of (vegetable) butter, maple syrup and cinnamon.
Grill them in a pan.
The leftovers are the middle of the slices
they are not nice to eat.
Otherwise the plate would have been empty.

The last picture
of the brothers and sisters together.
The first one left yesterday.
We miss her
but we are also glad she has a good home.
I hope your not fed up 
with pictures of the kittens.
I promise it will become less.

This movie has had a great impact on me.
(You can watch it on their website)
Before seeing it I was thinking about becoming a vegan
after seeing this movie there was no doubt anymore.
Yesterday I saw a video
about the next movie Unity.
There is a link on my facebookpage.

I see a plane,
what do you see?


Friday, September 7, 2012

Something pretty

picture coco rose diaries

I`m in love with this blanket 
The colors are gorgeous
with this pattern from Millie Makes.
picture coco rose diaries

When I saw this pattern at dottie angel
I knew I had to make it
so I used this it for my cat blanket.
The only blanket I ever finished,
probably because it is small.

picture coco rose diaries

When I see these colors 
I want to make this pattern again.
And I want to change the color scheme
for the Granny Square challenge.
Well I can fit in the pattern 
in the challenge.
But I have to make up my mind about the colors
if I want to start with the challenge next week.

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